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Gambling with dice is making a comeback online

By mr-gambling on 2013-04-07 09:18:53

Despite the fact that gambling with dice has existed for hundreds of years, it is a form of gambling which has tended to be forgotten by many European casinos over more recent years, with the possible exception of backgammon. In America dice gambling in the form of Craps has remained one of the most popular casino gambling games, but on this side of the Atlantic very few of our casinos have a Craps table. Those of us who have taken an interest in the history of gambling are therefore delighted that the online casinos have decided to offer a variety of dice gambling games on their sites, and even happier that the principle of gambling with dice appears to be making a comeback. The casino gambling games available on our online casino sites now include simple dice gambling games such as Roll-em, in which players are required to predict just the total value of two dice, right through to more complicated dice gambling games such as Paddy Power’s Miami Dice which uses five dice and offers multiple gambling options. We understand that Craps remains one of the most popular online dice gambling games, partly because it is a game which we have all seen in American films. Craps is of course played on a table similar to a roulette table and gamblers can forecast the total of two dice, any double or a specific double which is called craps and gives the game its name. One step up from Craps in terms of gambling options is Snake Eyes available on Ladbrokes online casino site, which adds the options of Hi/Lo and Odd/Even to the total and doubles options of Craps, and then comes Miami Dice which we have already mentioned which uses five dice and therefore even more gambling options. Gambling with dice is part of our gambling heritage, and the online casinos have finally allowed us to reconnect with this simple and basic form of gambling. There is now an online dice gambling game to suit everyone and we suggest you give them a try.