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Gambling with dice has made a welcome return online

By mr-gambling on 2014-02-21 11:55:12

The internet has undoubtedly changed the face of gambling all over the world, including of course in Ireland. More and more of us are gambling online from home, and whether we are sports gambling fans or prefer casino gambling the convenience of online gambling has had a profound effect on our gambling habits. By far the biggest change has of course been the advent of the online casinos bringing with them an enormous range of gambling games for us to choose from most of which can be played for very low stakes. The more experienced casino gambling enthusiasts can still play traditional casino gambling games such as roulette and blackjack online but it is the quick instant reward games such as the slots which have attracted the new casino gambling customers. Along with the huge range of slots it is good to see the return of gambling with dice, a gambling activity which has been with us for hundreds of years. Most online casinos now feature a range of dice gambling games on their sites, and these range from the simplest games such as ‘Roll em’ to the far more sophisticated multiple option dice games like ‘Miami Dice’ which can be found on the Paddy Power casino site. Roll ‘em is played with just two dice and players simply bet on the total value, whereas Miami Dice uses five dice and offers the opportunity to gamble on a wide range of potential outcomes, very similar in fact to the multiple gambling options we associate with roulette. Also available at many of the online casino gambling sites is ‘Craps’, a dice gambling game we tend to associate with American casinos but now accessible to us all online. If you do not know how to play Craps check out our casino gambling games pages, but in principle it revolves around gambling on doubles thrown with two dice. This can be any double or a nominated double which is known as Craps from which the game takes its name. Whatever your preference gambling with dice is great fun and we’re delighted to see its return to favour.