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Gambling software is complicated but online casino software even more so

By mr-gambling on 2017-08-07 09:32:05

It is not something that immediately springs to mind when doing your online gambling but without the software developers there would be no gambling online and difficult as it is to write sports gambling software when it comes to online casino software it is incredibly complicated, in fact so complicated that online casinos have long since given up trying to write their own and are leaving it in the hands of specialised companies. There a few larger companies engaged in casino software creation and a number of smaller ones and most online casinos select either one or a number of different ones to power their casino games. The larger companies in the casino software business are the likes of NetEnt, Playtech and Microgaming with the latter often labelling their casino games Quickfire. Of the smaller ones NYX, Thunderkick and ELK Studios are worthy of mention along with Amanet which has an interesting history. Amanet is the online name of Amatic Industries who have been in the slots gambling industry for many years but the name is unknown to most Irish casino players as they specialised in the creation of software for cabinet style slot machines that you might find in clubs around the country. When playing these slots nobody ever looks to see who has created the machine so the name is not known.

The company has however broken into the online casino market with the same games as they have already but adapted for online casino use. At the moment believes that the only online casino to offer these casino slots is which has been mentioned before in these pages and advertises itself as being twice the fun maybe taking off the New York, New York marketing angle of so good they named it twice. The casino software from Amanet is popular with many players as some of the slots are simple to follow and often only use the fruit and bar symbols which have been around since the invention of the slot machine. Some casino slots that you will come across when gambling online are so complicated with so many winning lines that it actually becomes impossible to follow and determine when you have you have a winning line. Fortunately the casino software will sort it all out for you so you will never actually miss a winning line but for some players part of the excitement is just missing a winning line which you may never notice with a very complicated slot.

The most popular online casinos such as All Irish Casino actually use a number of different casino software suppliers to ensure that they can offer full coverage to suit the most discernible of players. The main casino software supplier is NetEnt which has a complete range of casino games including several hundred casino slots and jackpot slots but the really big jackpots in the casino slots area which regularly run into the several millions of Euro tend to use Microgaming software so All Irish Casino includes these in the line up. NetEnt is definitely one of the favourite casino software suppliers in the eyes of as it adds a bit of fun to online gambling which some others seem to miss. For example the casino slot Gonzo’s Quest™ is a sort of five reel slot except that there are actually no reels but instead uses exploding stone blocks upon which the symbols are placed but the real enjoyment factor comes from the fact that the Peruvian explorer Gonzo himself is watching the proceedings. Generally seen simply scratching his beard you can get him excited and tossing his hat in the air with a substantial win and nothing gives him greater pleasure than escorting you through to the free falls game where all wins are multiplied anything up to 15 times face value. Free falls is the same as free spins in any other game and the special game is enetered by having the correct number of symbols in the main game.

Another casino slot in the NetEnt casino software range is Jack Hammer which has a feature called Sticky Wins™ which again makes it that little bit different from the standard casino slot. This slot also uses fifteen independent symbols instead of five fixed reels which means that any of them can be held while others are spun again and this is exactly what does happen. Any winning combination of winning symbols which is three or more are held automatically and all others are spun again to see if that original win can be improved upon. If it is then the procedure repeats itself again and again until there is no improvement after which the highest win or wins is paid out. This all happens without any intervention from the player and there is no need to add any further funds. Small wins can very quickly become quite substantial with this feature and here are of course wild and free spin symbols to help along.

The fact that there are more online casinos offering online gambling than there are casino software suppliers can also be seen by the fact that some of the exact same casino slots can be found at different online casinos so for example All Irish Casino as already mentioned uses predominately slots from casino software supplier NetEnt but so does No Bonus Casino and Freespins casino so the same slots will appear. This is not a problem at all and in fact it can be a definite advantage when it comes to progressive jackpot slots as the more online casinos that carry the same jackpot slot the faster the jackpot will build simply due to the fact that more players are playing and contributing to it. Jackpots are generally built up over a period of time with each spin contributing miniscule amounts so the more players there are the faster it will build up. There is however no trigger for the size of the jackpot before it is won as it is controlled randomly so can fall at any time.