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Gambling online at Backgammon is not that popular in Ireland

By mr-gambling on 2014-01-16 15:05:59

One of the more unusual casino gambling games is backgammon and whilst it is very popular in the Middle East and has been for hundreds of years it is practically unknown in Irish gambling circles which is a shame as it is a great game and requires quite a bit of skill as well as luck to play well. Gambling on backgammon is only ever between two people and cannot be played against the online casino so from that perspective it is similar to heads up poker. The casino software that is required for this type of heads up gambling is not available everywhere so online casino specialists such as All Irish casino or No Bonus casino do not carry the game but others who offer online poker such as Ladbrokes or Paddy Power do. The best known provider of backgammon gambling is Bwin/Party who have a special section dedicated to online backgammon called “PartyGammon”. Backgammon gambling is in essence a dice game which brings in the element of luck but the players also have to move counters on a board according to the dice throw which is where the skill comes in. The rules of gambling on backgammon are very simple and quickly learned but always play for very low stakes in the beginning until you get the hang of it, there are even free backgammon games which are good for learning the game. Should you decide to try your hand at backgammon gambling simply log on to your chosen online casino and find backgammon which may be hidden away in other games or similar. From there you can choose your level of stake and a match will be made with another person. Being a one on one gambling game Backgammon lends itself well to knockout tournaments so keep your eyes open for those as they can be quite inexpensive and good experience.