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Gambling on Sic Bo is easier than it seems

By mr-gambling on 2013-04-23 11:31:56

There are many casino gambling games which are now available at online casinos that originate in different parts of the world and one of those games is Sic Bo which is believed to come from China where we know they are keen on their gambling. You will not find gambling on Sic Bo in any land based casino that we know of but it is a regular feature at an online casino and although it seems at first sight to be an impossible game to follow Sic Bo gambling is in fact very simple as all you are trying to do is predict the outcome of the throw of three dice. What appears to make Sic Bo gambling complicated is the fact that all possible bets are laid out on the table but as you get into it you will quickly realise that there are only seven types of bet available and you can adjust your gambling from high risk/high reward to low risk/low reward and anything in between. Low risk Sic Bo gambling is done by backing small or large numbers where small is for the total of the three dice to be 4 through 10 and large is 11 through 17 but you will notice that this is not 50/50 gambling as a throw of 3 or 18 will lose on both bets in the same way as zero would lose when roulette gambling. The high risk bets when gambling on Sic Bo are to place a bet on 3 of a kind coming up which you can either do by nominating which three of a kind or by nominating any three of a kind. Gambling on Sic Bo really is easy and this casino game gives you one of the better chances of winning so be a bit adventurous and give Sic Bo a try.