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Gambling on Sic Bo is actually quite simple

By mr-gambling on 2012-08-26 12:27:50

One of the more unusual online casino gambling games is the Chinese dice game of Sic Bo and although Irish casino players have probably never heard of it, in the Far East it remains very popular indeed. You can find Sic Bo on a number of online casinos and at first glance the board on which Sic Bo is played does appear very complicated but that is simply because all the possible bets are included but at the end of the day it is simply gambling on the result of the throw of three dice and breaking it down there are only really seven types of bet so once you get gambling on Sic Bo you can soon get the hang of it and in a similar way to gambling on roulette you can play sic bo with low risk, low odds bets as well as high risk, high odds bets. For example with only three dice the total of all three will be somewhere between 3 and 18 inclusive so a low risk gamble might be “big” or “small” where big is 11 through 17 and small is 4 through 10 but 3 and 18 are not included as they are three of a kind which is a different bet. This is an important rule when gambling on sic bo as although for example 6 is a small number if it is made up of three 2s it will not pay out as a small number but only as a three of a kind. In Sic Bo you can also gamble on single number totals although different totals have different odds and on pairs but also very popular is gambling on a single number (one through 6) coming up and the more frequently it occurs in the throw the better the odds are. Sic Bo gambling can be also be done by placing money on a specific combination of numbers coming up which pays even better odds. If it all still sounds complicated then try free Sic Bo and you will find out how easy it really is.