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Gambling on Red Dog is very fast

By mr-gambling on 2015-08-12 12:03:47

Sports gambling is of course great fun but you always have to wait until the event is happening which in the case of horse racing for example is only every 30 minutes or so which is why many people are experimenting with online casino gambling where the games are as fast as you want to make them and one of the fastest of all is Red Dog. Red Dog gambling is very simple involving only three cards and it is simply a question of whether the third card has a value in between the first two. Two cards are dealt to you when gambling on Red Dog after an ante bet is placed and the player then decides whether to play or not. There are two options open to the player which are a call bet or a raise with the raise being equal to the original ante bet and which way you go will of course depend on the two cards already dealt and how many cards will fit between them which is called the spread. In order to tempt the Red Dog player the odds paid for lower spreads are higher than for higher spreads. When gambling on Red Dog the way to win larger amounts is to let your winnings ride onto the next hand which is automatic unless you click the withdraw button. If you are dealt two consecutive cards when gambling on Red Dog there are no cards that fit between so the result is a tie and there is a re deal. In the case of a pair a third card is dealt automatically and if that makes three of a kind you win at 11:1. Red Dog gambling is fast and fun and is a question of pure luck as well as placing bets strategically when you have good cards with a large spread. You can find Red Dog at online casinos such as All Irish Casino.