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Gambling on let it ride is a fun way to play poker

By admin on 2011-09-21 16:34:24

If you enjoy gambling on card games such as poker but are a bit nervous about coming up against better players, let it ride poker or let it ride for short could be the answer as it is a great way to learn the value of poker hands without losing an arm and a leg in the process. Let it ride is a poker gambling game in which you have to form a poker hand of 5 cards but it is played against the house with winning hands paying out at fixed odds. The minimum winning hand is a pair of tens so anything less than that will lose your stake; let it ride gambling also has a little twist in that instead of increasing your stake when you think you have a winning hand you remove bets if you think you cannot reach the minimum winning hand. Gambling on Let it ride works as follows: before the cards are dealt you must place three equal bets on the table one of which is your ante following which 5 cards will be dealt of which three are face up and two are face down. As we said earlier the idea of let it ride is to form a poker hand of one pair of tens or better so your first decision when evaluating your three face up cards is whether you can form a winning hand with the two face down cards. When gambling on let it ride you now have the choice of withdrawing one of your bets or you can let it ride which is where the name of the game comes from. It is worth noting at this stage that just because you withdraw a bet you are not out of the game and play will continue. After this decision has been made one of the face down cards will be turned over and again you have the choice whether to withdraw your second bet or let it ride. In let it ride gambling each decision about withdrawing bets is independent from any other action and even if you withdraw both your additional bets you are still in the game with your ante bet. Gambling on let it ride is a good way to learn about poker hands and it is good fun as well.