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Gambling on greyhound racing is making a come back

By mr-gambling on 2013-03-04 11:39:59

As we all know sports gambling in Ireland is a widespread leisure activity enjoyed by many many people. The success of the Irish horse racing stables is recognised all over the world and gambling on horse racing ranks high on the list of sports gambling activities in the country, but our love of fast animals does not confine itself to horses. Greyhound racing is making a comeback all over the country, and gambling on greyhound racing is now up there amongst our favourite gambling pursuits. Traditionally greyhound racing was considered to be the sport of the working classes, and it has to be said that the sport was in decline for many years, but the tide has now turned. Greyhound race tracks have been improved out of all recognition and the hospitality facilities now rank with the best sporting venues in Ireland. There are now seventeen greyhound tracks in Ireland and between them they offer the greyhound gambling fan races almost every night of the week. A night at a greyhound track is now a popular social event with good bars and restaurants, plus exciting racing on the card all of which is easy to watch. Greyhound racing is also a popular sports gambling pursuit away from the track, with many meetings streamed live to the betting shops and on many of the main online sports gambling sites. The races are quick and there is very little delay between each race making the sport ideal for today’s busy lifestyle. If you are a sports gambling fan and enjoy horse racing, we think you will be amazed at just how far the greyhound racing industry has progressed over recent years. Why not spend an evening at your local track and sample the new facilities, or go online and try greyhound gambling with the live feed from the track.