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Gambling on greyhound racing is growing in popularity

By mr-gambling on 2016-03-09 10:16:32

It is well known that Irish sports gambling fans have always had a fascination for horse racing and gambling on horse racing is undoubtedly one of our favourite sports gambling activities along with gambling on football. The increasing availability of online sports gambling has however provided us with a huge range of other sports gambling opportunities and we are now far more likely to take an interest in gambling on other sporting events than ever before. Some years ago gambling on greyhound racing was also big business in Ireland, but for many reasons our interest in greyhound racing as a cheaper alternative to horse racing went into a decline. Fortunately the greyhound racing industry recognised that one of the problems was the standard of the tracks and the poor facilities which were generally well below what the twenty first century sports gambling enthusiasts had come to expect. The transformation has however been remarkable and the facilities on offer for the greyhound gambling fans are now second to none. This has led to a significant increase in the number of people regularly visiting their local greyhound track and of course a huge rise in gambling on greyhound racing. Spending an evening watching greyhound racing is now an extremely enjoyable experience and the hospitality packages offered by most tracks has introduced the sport to a much wider audience. This has also therefore led to an increase in off track gambling on greyhound racing, particularly through the online sports gambling sites. Greyhound race gambling used to be what many termed the poor man’s horse racing, but interest in gambling on greyhound racing is now growing rapidly both online and at the tracks, all of which are now thriving.