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Gambling on greyhound racing is definitely on the up

By mr-gambling on 2015-11-18 11:21:42

There is no doubt that sports gambling is a major leisure activity in Ireland, particularly gambling on horse racing. With most of the media coverage focussed on horse racing it is easy to forget that gambling on greyhound racing is also a very popular sports gambling activity in Ireland. The first greyhound racing track in Ireland was Celtic Park which was opened as long ago as 1927 in Belfast. This was quickly followed by Shelbourne Park in Dublin and by the end of that year we had two more tracks, Harolds Cross in Dublin and the Dunmore Stadium in Belfast. Since then greyhound gambling has certainly seen its ups and downs in terms of popularity and not that many years ago many tracks were in a sorry state. Fortunately the much needed investment was forthcoming and gambling on greyhound racing is back where it belongs as a great night out with superb hospitality facilities at almost every track. There are now 17 greyhound tracks in the Republic and 3 in Northern Ireland, all of which have been refurbished and offer greyhound gambling fans regular meetings every week. Now that we have such easy access to online sports gambling fans of gambling on greyhound racing can enjoy their favourite gambling activity almost every night of the week. It is also true that gambling on greyhound racing at the track is increasing in popularity, because it is generally cheaper than horse racing and the races are quick and easy to see. Most greyhound tracks now also offer a range of hospitality deals and are clearly attracting a new audience to the sport of greyhound racing, combining an excellent night out with good food and plenty of gambling opportunities.