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Gambling on golf is popular but not easy

By mr-gambling on 2013-08-19 11:33:02

Irish sports gambling fans are not just confined to gambling on horse racing and football, there are many who take a close interest in a variety of other sports throughout the year. This is particularly true of sports which have a very long season in which top players are willing and able to travel the world and attract media attention wherever they play. A good example is golf, and although the 2013 major tournaments have now been contested the season still has some way to go and there are plenty of ranking points still to play for. Many Irish sports gambling fans have taken to gambling on golf over recent years because of the unprecedented success of so many Irish golfers in the world game, and they have found that gambling on golf tournaments over the full four days offers a variety of gambling options and an ever changing selection problem. There is no doubt that golf gambling can be a frustrating experience, with a history littered with seemingly certain winners crumbling over the last few holes to finish nowhere. Gambling on golf is also a sports gambling activity which does not necessarily follow the form book. Tiger Woods remains world number one by a very big margin in terms of ranking points, but no longer seems able to stamp his mark on any of the majors. This year has seen three of the four majors won by first time major winners, with only Phil Mickelson repeating the feat by winning the Open to go with his successes in the Masters. Even this win was difficult to predict because many golf gambling experts did not think that Mickelson had the game to win on a links course, a belief that even the player himself appeared to believe. Last year Rory McIlroy looked as if he would take over the mantel of Woods in golf major successes, but the apparently small matter of a change of equipment proved devastating for his form. Golf is a game with small margins between success and failure which is what makes gambling on golf so interesting for sports gambling fans.