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Gambling on dice is now back in favour and available online

By mr-gambling on 2012-08-10 11:04:59

Those of you who have been fortunate enough to experience casino gambling in Las Vegas will have seen how popular the game of Craps is in America. Very few, if any of our own land based casinos find room for a Craps table or indeed offer any form of gambling with dice, in spite of the fact that dice gambling is one of the oldest forms of gambling in history. Fortunately the online casinos have changed all that, and because of their lack of space restrictions most online casinos now offer a number of variations of dice gambling games for us to enjoy. Craps is perhaps the best known dice gambling game, and is played with two dice on a table very similar in layout to a roulette table. The objective of the game of Craps is to predict the total value of the two dice, or any double. If the player chooses to gamble on a specific double this is known as craps and gives this dice game its name. The simplest form of gambling on dice that is available at both Ladbrokes and Paddy Power is Roll-em, in which the player just has to gamble on the total value of the two dice, but if you are looking for more gambling options take a look at Snake Eyes on the Ladbrokes site. This casino dice game allows the gambler to bet on totals, Hi/Lo, Odd/Even and doubles and is becoming a very popular dice gambling game online. Paddy Power have an even more complicated dice gambling game called Miami Dice, which uses five dice and provides even more gambling choices. The online casinos have been able to bring back the idea of gambling on dice, and whether you simply want the chance to gamble on a total, or you prefer the multiple gambling options provided by Snake Eyes or Miami Dice, there is now a dice gambling game online to suit everyone. Gambling on dice is great fun and all these dice games can be played for very low stakes.