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Gambling on cricket should be more popular outside Asia

By mr-gambling on 2012-04-26 12:52:30

Amid all the recent scandals which have affected the game of cricket worldwide, gambling on cricket remains the most popular sports gambling activity across the whole of Asia. The game of cricket in Ireland has yet to reach its full potential as a popular sport, with most of our best players forced to ply their trade in the English County Championship, but progress is being made. Ireland is now the top Associate nation in the world and it is hoped that Cricket Ireland will be able to exert more influence on the sport’s governing body. The first objective for Cricket Ireland is to gain support for more ODI’s every year against the Test playing nations, their target being at least 15 every year. Currently there is only one ODI scheduled for this year, against Australia at Stormont in June, with the possibility of a further game against Bangladesh later in the year. Irish sports gambling fans will of course be delighted to welcome Australia and the opportunity the game will provide to get involved in cricket gambling on a home match, but for the continued growth of the game in Ireland there have got to be more cricket gambling opportunities closer to home. Cricket Ireland are also proposing that a Cricket Academy be established in both the North and the South, and that a domestic inter-province competition be introduced to encourage the best players to remain in he country. Both of these proposals will require the support of the governing body but Cricket Ireland remain upbeat about their chances. There are many sports fans in Ireland who enjoy watching and gambling on cricket, but this currently focuses on the worldwide game and the English County game, so any moves to bring more top class cricket to Ireland has got to receive our full support. It is time that cricket gambling enjoyed more popular support in this country, because it is a game which provides so many gambling options in every match.