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Gambling on cricket is never easy but without KP

By mr-gambling on 2012-08-16 09:15:25

The Olympics is over, and as many people predicted it appears to have been a sports gambling bonanza. Sporting Index, the spread betting company confirmed that opinion yesterday as they reported that they had taken nine times as many bets from sports gambling fans on the London Olympics as they did for Beijing four years ago. So what now for sports gambling enthusiasts, apart from the Paralympics of course. Football is back, but we still have the tail end of the cricket season for cricket gambling fans to enjoy. In spite of bad headlines over recent years, gambling on cricket remains popular amongst sports gambling fans and today sees the start of the third and final test match in the series against South Africa, with a great deal at stake for both sides. Most pundits thought this series would be a close run thing between the top two test playing countries, and many cricket gambling experts may have been surprised by the scale of the Tourist’s victory in the first test, but with England coming back to draw the second match there is still all to play for. An extra dimension to this particular series for sports gamblers who enjoy gambling on cricket is the fight for the accolade of being the number one test playing nation. To remain number one in the world England must win this last match in the series, and even a draw will not be good enough, so the events of the last few days regarding Kevin Peterson may well have caused some consternation for any England cricket fans placing bets on this match or even the series before the beginning of this week. We now know that Peterson, man of the match in the second test, has been dropped following his comments on Twitter and replaced by a young and relatively inexperienced David Bairstow. Cricket gambling fans will soon find out what effect this will have on the outcome of what was already a difficult match to call.