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Gambling on Backgammon is for the thinker

By mr-gambling on 2011-09-29 15:26:17

There are only a few gambling games that can enjoyed head to head and one of those is backgammon with another one being poker but gambling on backgammon has been around far longer and is still played in the Middle East on many street corners. It is fairly recent innovation and addition to online casinos but if you are a thinker and fancy yourself as a strategic player then gambling on backgammon could be for you. Backgammon is not available everywhere but it is available at two of our top four online casinos here at and they are Ladbrokes where it is comes under the games heading and at Party Casino where it has a separate section called Partygammon. Backgammon gambling in terms of rules is very simple as it requires moving counters around a board according to the throw of two dice and nothing more but there is a strategy involved which means that there are good players and not so good players. Here at we carry a page on how to play backgammon but the only real way to learn the game is to play. There are occasions when you can be raised in a game of backgammon or indeed you can do the raising so be aware that your original stake might not be your maximum exposure; it is also possible to suffer a heavy defeat in which case it will also cost you more or you can win more. Our advice would be that when starting out gambling on backgammon to keep your stakes within very manageable limits while you learn about the strategies involved; a good backgammon player will always win against a lesser player over time although in any single game anything is possible as it depends to quite a large extent on the luck of rolling the dice. If you have never tried backgammon it is well worth a little experimentation.