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Gambling on Baccarat requires no skill at all

By mr-gambling on 2012-12-04 15:08:32

The casino gambling game of Baccarat remains a mystery to many online casino players mainly because the game which has been played in casinos for many years was considered a game for the wealthy and more often than not the Baccarat table was segregated from the rest of the casino to give the gambling high rollers privacy. Given this background you might expect the casino game to be very complicated to play and to require a great deal of skill to be able to play well but in actual fact nothing could be further from the truth and online casinos have rather blown away the myth and allowed baccarat gambling for very small stakes; you can even find free baccarat if you look around. Baccarat is a casino gambling game of pure luck and there is absolutely no skill involved; there are only two hands dealt and the dealer plays them both so as a player you do not even touch the cards let alone make any decisions. If all this sounds a little strange, gambling on Baccarat will become even stranger when you first start to play as you will almost certainly wonder what is going on and the reason for this is that the counting of the value of the cards is a little bit different from anything else you have come across. The two hands dealt are called the player and the bank and in principle the hand with the higher total is the winner but the counting is such that a hand can never exceed a total of 9 so for example a 6 and a 7 which would normally count 13 in total actually counts as 3 in Baccarat because as soon as a total exceeds ten then ten is deducted. The good thing about online baccarat gambling is that you can bet on either hand to win or alternatively you can bet on a draw. The rules of playing the cards are a little complex but they are very strict rules so there is no room for discretion and you can gamble on Baccarat very successfully without knowing those rules so give it a go.