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Gambling on Baccarat is simple even if you don’t understand the game

By mr-gambling on 2011-12-10 17:41:52

 It may come as a surprise but there is one casino gambling card game that you can play successfully without knowing what is going on and that is Baccarat. We all know that you can be gambling on casino slots without understanding but a card game is rather unusual especially when it has a reputation such as baccarat as being a game for high rollers in land based casinos. The reason you are able to do this is that although two hands of cards are dealt and called “the player” and “the banker”, rather unusually for a casino card game you are able to bet on either hand to win and only the banker plays the cards. This sounds rather disconcerting that the bank plays both hands but the rules are such that there is no room for discretion so it doesn’t actually matter who plays the hand. At first glance gambling on baccarat will seem confusing and illogical, the reason for this is that although a standard deck of cards is used the card values are like no other casino game and then the counting is also like no other gambling game. You can read all about it in our baccarat page here at but if we tell you that all the picture cards and tens count as zero you can imagine a little what we are talking about. Despite this, if you do take time to read and understand what is actually a very simple game, you can have a lot of fun and excitement gambling on baccarat. Baccarat gambling is available at nearly all online casinos and unlike the land based casinos you will not have to play for huge stakes unless of course you want to but it certainly makes for an interesting alternative and your chances of winning are reasonable whether you understand what is going on or not.