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Gambling news only covers the bad side of gambling

By mr-gambling on 2014-08-18 17:22:43

It seems a shame that many of the gambling news stories are about people who have got themselves into difficulties through gambling and then perpetrated some crime or other to find funds to try and gamble their way out. There are of course many thousands of people and by far the large majority who quite happily carry on gambling without it being a problem at all but they never appear in the gambling news and in fact there are people who have won large amounts of money at online gambling who are also never in the gambling news but that could be a matter of choice as not everybody wants people to know that they have won a lot of money. A recent story in the gambling news concerned a man who became obsessed with a slot machine in his local bookmaker and stole stamps from his late fathers collection to fund his habit and then there was a UK city mayor who pocketed the councils ice cream money and he hit the gambling news over a mere £220. If you won £220 and phoned the newspaper to tell them about it they would laugh themselves silly so it really is no wonder that gambling has a bad name. Online gambling does of course attract criminals and nowhere more so than in the USA where they like to take advantage of the fact that gambling online is illegal and so we read in the gambling news of a Malaysian man who was running gambling websites on the recent world cup from, of all places, Caesars Palace. The man is well known in gambling circles and has his own private jet which he uses to go to Macau to do his gambling and reports in the gambling news suggest that he holds office in the Hong Kong based triads.