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By mr-gambling on 2012-08-28 14:39:40

Many people do not consider that buying a lottery ticket is gambling at all but of course strictly speaking gambling on the lottery is the same as any other form of casino gambling where you place a wager (or buy a ticket) and hope you win but today online casinos have made it even easier to play lottery gambling as there is no need to even buy a ticket and what is more you can play the lotteries from several different countries without leaving the comfort of your own home. Lottery gambling at your online casino is not the same as buying a lottery ticket however and in fact it is quite a bit different; when buying a ticket for a lottery you know your stake but you have no idea how much you might win because the winnings are determined by how many people participate and how many people have the winning numbers. Lottery gambling at online casinos however is at fixed odds and at whatever stake you want to play for instead of a fixed price ticket. The actual odds will depend on which lottery you are playing as they often have a different number of balls in the draw and a different number of balls are drawn out but the gambling odds are clearly on the online casino lottery page. This is not dissimilar to gambling on Keno although in Keno there are far more numbers in the game but the big difference and to some a huge advantage is that the online casino has no control over the result of the draw as the numbers used to determine winners are those that come up in the draw of the lottery you are playing whereas the numbers in a Keno draw are selected by a random number generator belonging to the online casino. This might seem an advantage but the downside is that lottery gambling can only take place when there is a draw which is often only once or twice a week.