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Funding your online account

By mr-gambling on 2011-05-30 09:27:18

For those people new to gambling online, particularly online casinos, the question of how to register and make their first deposits into their online accounts can be off-putting for many prospective online gamblers. The good news is that the bad old days when only a few Debit and Credit cards were accepted are long gone, and it is now even possible to fund online gambling accounts with cash, where the online casino operator also has high street shops. In Ireland, both Ladbrokes and Paddy Power offer the online gambler the ability to pay cash into their online accounts at their shops. Privacy is often the overriding priority for online gamblers, so would like to bring your attention to another method of funding online gambling accounts which is rapidly becoming the online gamblers favoured option. All our recommended online casinos now accept deposits from an e-wallet such as Pay Pal or Neteller, which is a separate secure account which can be funded with a Debit or Credit card and can then be used for almost all internet transactions including purchases, and of course online gambling. Once an e-wallet account is established, all transactions through that account are anonymous as far as the card provider is concerned, and indeed also from the online casino’s point of view. Clearly the cash option is the most secure method of funding your online gambling but if this is not available, or you do not want or have the time to visit a Ladbrokes or Paddy Power shop, the e-wallet may be the best available alternative if privacy is a factor.