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Football gambling is now second only to horse race gambling

By mr-gambling on 2015-02-03 09:38:35

Ireland is undoubtedly a sports gambling nation, led by what is almost an obsession for gambling on horse racing. Close behind is gambling on football, and with increasing access to satellite and cable television we are not confined to gambling on Irish football alone. The English Premier League and the Spanish leagues in particular are followed avidly by Irish football gambling fans and there is almost as much top level football broadcast on television as there is horse racing. There are also a greater variety of gambling options associated with gambling on football than with horse racing, ranging from full time and half time scores, goal scorers and when they score right through to penalties awarded. We should not be surprised that football gambling is so popular. There is also the ever present possibility of an upset, particular in knock-out games which makes it possible to get good odds when gambling on the outsider. The recent fourth round matches in the FA Cup for example saw the exit from the competition of all four of the teams who were at the top of the Premiership table that weekend, and who would have predicted that before the games started. Even the fifth placed team Manchester United could only manage a draw against Cambridge United and there are now ten Premiership teams already out of the competition. For those sports gambling fans who enjoy calculating the odds, the fourth round draw gave the lower league teams a 33% chance of avoiding a top team. While gambling on football continues to provide the possibility of a giant killing result football gambling will continue to grow in popularity for sports gambling enthusiasts.