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FOBTs stake reduction could result in increased online gambling

By mr-gambling on 2018-05-03 09:24:15

Although bookmakers in Ireland are not affected, anyone interested in gambling cannot help but have seen the stories surrounding fixed odds betting machines in shops in the UK. The Government is keen to crack down on problem gambling and feels that reducing the maximum stakes in these machines from £100 to a smaller amount will help. The discussions for a new limit range from £2 to £50 so there is still quite a difference. The bookmakers are of course up in arms as they claim that this will affect their profits and cause shops to close. The strange thing about all this is that it is very easy to spend that sort of money at any online gambling site on a single bet or on a single spin at an online casino. What is unclear however is whether the software which drives the FOBTs is the same as the casino software which drives the online casinos when gambling online. The casino software which is used for online casinos allows the use of a Random Number Generator or RNG for short which has the same chance of winning as a regular roulette wheel or a blackjack dealer but claims from bookmakers about percentage of profits lost might suggest that software driving the shop based machines is different. A decision is due imminently and a radical change might drive customers to online casino gambling which actually might not be a bad thing.

Casino software for casino games such as roulette or blackjack is pretty standard so it doesn’t really matter which of the casino software companies write it but when it comes to casino slots it is a different thing altogether. The whole of online casino gambling enjoyment is driven by which casino software is being used as they all have different features in their slots so although which online casino you choose might depend on how you are treated and where you feel comfortable, whether or not you enjoy the casino games will depend on the casino software in use. The major suppliers are NetEnt, Microgaming and Playtech although there are plenty of others with excellent casino slots such as Amanet. When gambling online it is entirely possible not to know which casino software is in use although most casino slots are branded. The more popular online casinos such as All Irish Casino will use several different casino software companies to make sure that customers have a wide choice. You will also notice if you look at different online casinos that some or even all of the casino slots are the same as at other casinos. This is because there are simply more online casinos than there are software suppliers and it is nothing to worry about; in fact it can be a positive advantage to Irish casino players as they are able to play their favourite casino slot at an online casino of their choice. It is particularly helpful when it comes to progressive jackpot slots where the speed of the jackpot building is proportionate to the number of spins. This means that the more online casinos that carry the slot in question the more spins there will be in any given time and the faster the jackpot will build.

It is actually the casino software company who looks after the progressive jackpot money rather than any individual casino which also goes some way to explain why online casinos seem very happy when one of their players hits a large jackpot when you might expect them to be rather upset at losing so much cash. The truth is that they are losing nothing as it has all been paid for already by all online casinos that feature the slot in their line up. Gambling online has never been more popular for the very good reasons of convenience and far more entertainment choice than can ever be found at a bookmaker or even a land based casino for that matter. It could be said that there are now too many companies engaged in online gambling and that is more true for casino gambling than for sports gambling. tries to help Irish gamblers by prioritising a top three for casino gambling but there are several others described on the casino page. The top three in the opinion of are All Irish Casino, No Bonus Casino and Fun Casino and they all have their unique features. All Irish Casino for example focuses on the Irish casino gambling market by providing casino games which they think will appeal. They also think that customers do not want to read a lengthy document written in legal jargon which few truly understand. There have to be certain terms and conditions, of course, but All Irish casino has tried to avoid as much jargon as possible.

No Bonus Casino has taken a different approach to the traditional bonus system used by many online casinos which concentrates on new customers only and provides them with additional funds to play with but has stringent rules in place to make sure that the player cannot easily withdraw the cash from the account. No Bonus Casino gives the same deal to all players regardless of whether they are new or have been playing for years and that offer is cash back if you lose. The system is fairly simple and says that if you make a deposit today and manage to lose it all today by playing any of the casino games on site then 10% will be refunded into your account the very next day. There are no strings attached to this cash back money as it placed directly into the players playing account which means it is theirs to do with as they wish which includes remaoving it from the account altogether.

The final one in the top three is Fun Casino whose focus is on keeping casino gambling fun which not only means selecting great casino slots but also means keeping online gambling within the financial limits of the player. To do this they offer various ways for costumers to set limits for themselves but if they refuse then the casino will automatically apply the house limits.