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Few real decisions need to be made when blackjack gambling

By mr-gambling on 2014-06-25 13:59:12

As a change from sports gambling many people turn to online casino gambling where there is a huge range of casino games from which to choose and while the majority are casino slots one of the most popular of all casino gambling games is blackjack. Many Irish gambling people will recognise blackjack as being pontoon but in fact there are differences between the two games not the least of which is that in blackjack gambling a tie with the dealer results in a money back situation whereas in pontoon you lose so make sure you know which game you are playing. Blackjack gambling is in fact very easy with very few real decisions to be made and the advantage is that you know what the dealer is going to do in every circumstance and all you have to do is beat the dealer which is slightly different from what is stated as the object of the game at some online casinos where they state the object to be getting as close as possible to 21 without going over or busting. urges Irish casino gamblers to choose the former rather than the latter as it is quite possible to beat the dealer with a hand that is nowhere near 21 as long as the dealer busts but the secret of course is to judge when that is likely to happen and to be in the game when it happens. As far as your own cards are concerned when gambling on blackjack any total of less than 12 you will draw to and any hand of 17 or more you will stand on therefore the only decisions are on 12 through 16. On 16 there are 8 out of the 13 cards that will bust you but at 12 there are only four. Your decision about standing or drawing a card in blackjack gambling should therefore depend upon what the dealer is showing as one of their cards.