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Don’t ignore the other online poker gambling formats

By mr-gambling on 2013-05-05 09:58:05

One of the many significant effects of the rise of online casino gambling in Ireland has been the resurgence in the number of people playing poker online. There are a number of reasons put forward by commentators to explain this surge in interest, including the start of televised poker tournaments back in the 1990’s, but most people now recognise that online gambling has had the greatest effect. Nowadays the major poker tournaments around the world are of course played in the Texas Hold’em format, but this version of poker does not necessarily suit everybody who wants to play the game. When discussing online poker gambling it is easy to ignore all the alternative poker formats offered by the online casino gambling sites, so let’s take a quick look at some of the other poker games on offer. First on our list is Omaha poker, which also uses five community cards but with each player being dealt four cards instead of two. This is a version of poker gambling which is just as exciting as Texas Hold’em and just as likely to result in large pots and high stakes. For those of us with a limited budget or lacking experience of gambling on poker, a variety of forms of Stud poker online may be more suitable with 7-card Stud rapidly becoming a firm favourite amongst poker gamblers online. 5-card Stud and that old favourite of the movies 5-card Draw poker are also available at many of the major online gambling sites both of which are excellent poker gambling games for the inexperienced players wanting to learn the game, and as a quicker format for poker experts looking for a change. If you already enjoy gambling on poker, or would like to give it a go don’t ignore these alternative poker formats. If you’re not sure of the rules, just check out our casino games pages where we have detailed the rules and some strategies for all of these other poker gambling games.