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Don’t forget gambling on dice games

By mr-gambling on 2015-06-17 17:06:11

There is a firm belief in some quarters that all new online casino gambling fans are attracted primarily by the instant gratification associated with the slots gambling games, and never even try playing the more traditional gambling games such as roulette or blackjack. Clearly that can’t be totally true because we know that more and more people are for example gambling on poker online, but it is possible that the majority of new casino gambling enthusiasts prefer to play gambling games which require no particular skill or experience, at least when they first start playing gambling games online. The slots gambling games however are not the only online gambling games which satisfy that criteria, there is also an excellent range of dice gambling games available at most of the online casino gambling sites. The concept of gambling with dice dates back hundreds of years, and dice are even used in traditional gambling games such as Backgammon. The simplest dice gambling game of all must be ‘Roll ‘em’, a version of which is available at all the major casino gambling sites and simply requires us to predict the value of two dice, but there are a number of more interesting options including of course that favourite of American casinos, the game of Craps. Gambling on Craps offers more betting options than Roll ‘em, but is still played with just two dice, whereas at the Paddy Power online casino gambling site there is a dice gambling game called Miami Dice, which uses five dice and therefore a huge range of betting options. Playing dice gambling games offers a big choice of betting options, with the simplest games comparing well with the slots gambling games and the more complex competing with the multiple betting opportunities of roulette. There is a dice gambling game for all of us, why not take a look.