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Dice gambling games

By mr-gambling on 2011-04-18 08:46:21

The use of two or more dice in gambling games has become more and more popular as a quick and easy form of gambling. Most on line casinos feature several dice gambling games, either in their casino section or in their games section, with varying degrees of complexity depending on the gambler’s taste. The simplest is probably a dice game like ‘Roll em’ which is featured on the Ladbrokes site, in which the gambler is required to predict the total face value of just two dice. This game also gives the dice gambler the opportunity to hedge their bets by placing multiple bets with varying stakes. A wider range of gambling options, again with just two dice is available in Ladbrokes ‘Snake Eyes’ dice game, in which the dice gambler can place multiple bets in a similar manner to roulette, by selecting a split ie. one of two numbers, a street which comprises three numbers or a corner for one of four numbers. There are also Hi Lo, Odd and Even, and Double or any double options available to the dice gambler in this game. The attraction of all dice gambling games is the instantaneous result and the simplicity of the game, but for those dice gamblers who want even more options or potentially higher returns there are a number of dice games using more than two dice which of course increase the number of winning outcomes and pay higher returns. One of these is ‘Paradice’, again available on the Ladbrokes site, which uses four dice and offers the dice gambler a good range of multiple bets which can be placed on a board in a similar manner to roulette, and includes the added interest of two Phoenix dice and two Dragon dice which provides the dice gambler with an extra gambling opportunity to select which of the pairs of dice will have the highest total. These are just a few of the dice games available with the major on line casino sites, and the dice gambler should take a look and find their own favourite dice games which suit their gambling strategies.