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Casino software is as complicated as sports gambling software

By mr-gambling on 2019-02-07 15:40:07

All forms of online gambling require software to be written which has become a very specialised field due to the increase in variations of gambling online which are available today. Sports gambling on a football match used to be easy with only three possible results but today you can bet on virtually anything that happens during the game such as yellow cards, time of goals etc. but probably the most difficult thing from a gambling software point of view is in play betting where you can place bets while the game is going on with the odds changing all the time. Larger companies such as Paddy Power employ a small army of software developers to keep their online gambling site up there with the very best. Unusually, however, casino gambling has a different approach even though there is no doubt that online casino software is just if not more complicated than sports gambling software especially when it comes to the very complicated 5 reel slots with hundreds of winning lines and loads of wilds, bonus symbols and free spins to keep track of. Online casino software is, the same as sports gambling software, a very specialised business but instead of online gambling companies trying to compete with each other they have chosen to leave the business in the hands of others from where they can pick the bits that they want.

There were really only a handful of casino software companies a few years ago which included the likes of NetEnt, Microgaming and Playtech but it was not long that other companies decide that they too could develop casino games and either become completely new entrants to the market or in the case of Amanet switch from offline to online. Amatic Industries is an interesting case study as they have been known in casino slots circles for many years but not in the online casino slots market. There is a good chance that if you have played slots anywhere except online you will have played an Amatic slot but as the brand is not shown anywhere you may not even know it. A couple of years ago however Amatic recognised the potential of the online market and set about rewriting their casino software so that the same games could be played online. That was all very well but they needed an online casino that would feature their games and one of the favourite online casinos of, namely gave them the chance. Today is one of the few online casinos that feature Amatic games and they are proving extremely popular. Amatic has not gone down the route of trying to compete by inventing more and more complicated slots but has rather stuck by its roots and kept it as simple as possible and it is this simplicity which is proving so popular. There are plenty of Irish casino players who refuse to play some of the super complicated slots as although the winnings are paid, it is virtually impossible to work out where the money has come from. The pattern of winning lines is sometimes so complicated and with numerous winning lines possible on a single spin, working out what has won takes too long which somehow can spoil the enjoyment of the win.

Many of the casino slots at, therefore, are simple slots from Amanet which often use nothing more complicated than fruit symbols and bars and winning lines are limited making following what is going on much simpler. By all means give these a go at (so good they named it twice). Needless to say, with so many budding IT specialist companies around, it was inevitable that some would want to enter into the online casino software market so today there are possibly 20 or even more casino software companies marketing their wares. Some of these casino software companies only have a few games to offer such as Big Time Gaming which only has 10 casino slots. The online casino to be at for these slots from smaller casino software companies is where they offer slots from no less than 17 different software suppliers. CasinoLand also carries a wide range of casino slots from the larger casino software suppliers such as NetEnt and MIcrogaming so there has to be something for everyone there.

All of this expansion is great but with literally hundreds of casino slots to choose from at online casinos it is impossible to try them all so you can only ever choose a favourite from those that you know and trying a new slot can be time consuming before it is completely understood. The answer to that is of course to play free casino for a while which is possible at most online casinos but unfortunately not at CasinoLand. It is of course important that the casino software companies have their products correctly licensed as well as the online casino themselves and it is important to know that these are fair games which in turn means playing at a trusted online casino. has done a lot of research into online gambling at casinos and produces a list of online casinos which are known to be trustworthy and whose games are regularly inspected so although CasinoCasino is top of the list you can use any of the three listed with complete confidence. If you drill down the casino tab you will find several more alternatives all of which can provide excellent entertainment. Sports gambling software and casino gambling software are both extremely complicated so it is quite interesting to see how they have taken different paths of development. Clearly sports gambling software requires an online gambling company to invest quite heavily which is why we have seen several mergers in recent times such as Ladbrokes/ Coral or Paddy Power/ Betfair. On the online casino side however we see more and more new entrants and although entry is not cheap, being able to buy or lease the casino software makes it easier than sports gambling.