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Casino gambling online rather than at bookmakers shops

By mr-gambling on 2017-04-17 10:34:19

There is an awful lot going on in the UK press about how the current Government is going to target the gambling industry and in particular the bookmakers shops on the high street and the argument revolves essentially around the fixed odds betting terminals which are prevalent in UK bookmakers shops and which are often referred to as the crack Cocaine of gambling due to the amount of money which can be gambled in any given time frame on electronic casino games. In truth of course anybody who plays regularly at an online casino will realise that it is possible to gamble for far more if you so wish as the stakes which can be played for are far higher. There is no doubt that the bookmakers, including the well known Paddy Power and Ladbrokes, do make substantial profits from those FOBTs and they are claiming that removing them or restricting them to lower stakes will affect the gambling industry overall and in  particular the levy which they pay towards horse racing. There are a couple of things to be considered and that is that firstly there are no FOBTs in Ireland and yet the gambling industry survives very well and secondly there are multiple online gambling opportunities including online casinos so who needs the bookmakers shops anyway?

If the FOBTs are removed from bookmakers shops in the UK then surely those who want casino gambling will simply turn to an online casino and having done that they will realise how easy and convenient it is and will also do all other forms of gambling online including all their gambling on sports. Most online sports gambling providers use a common money wallet which enables you to use the same cash pool for online casino gambling as well as sports gambling although using the same provider for sports gambling and casino gambling does not necessarily give the best overall result as there are specialists in the field of online casino gambling that often provide a better choice of casino games and better offers to their players. One such case can be found at All Irish Casino which is not only specialised in online casino gambling but is also aimed at Irish casino players. There are of course players from other countries who like the set up but most players are from Ireland. This online casino has gone out of its way to try to provide what Irish casino players might like so bonuses for example are not always linked to new players and there are regular midweek deposit bonuses to be had. The online casino has a full range of casino games from the well respected casino software supplier NetEnt which has been selected because it offers some more quirky casino slots and Irish casino players like something a little bit different but it also includes some of the larger progressive jackpot slots from Microgaming for those who like to go for the big one.

Casino gambling can be great fun and good casino games can enhance that enjoyment. Standard casino game such as Roulette and Blackjack are the same in every online casino as long as you ignore the various options that have sprung up to try and get more money from you. The standard games are far better and the only reason to join in with jackpots on those games is a very small chance of making a lot of money. You might have a better chance of winning the lottery. When it comes to casino slots however there is fun to be had as well as the chance to make some money. One of the favourite casino slots of is Gonzo’s Quest™ which as well as having great characters also has an interesting play feature. Gonzo is an explorer in Peru and the slot is therefore Aztec themed but instead of having the normal five reels with three symbols showing on each reel there are fifteen stone blocks arranged in five columns of three with the symbols carved onto the rocks. What makes this casino slot really different however is that instead of only having five reels that move, all fifteen symbols can move independently of the others. In Gonzo’s Quest™, when a winning combination is achieved those winning blocks explode and any blocks above them drop down to take their place with the top row being replaced by fresh blocks. If this results in another win the process is repeated again and again until no further win is achieved. All wins are added up and paid out and there is no need to add any extra funds while this is going on. This however is not the end of the story as there is also a win multiplier which after the first win ticks over to 2X so the second win is doubled, the third win is tripled and all subsequent wins are times 5. There are also wilds and free spins although in this casino slot the free spins are called free falls. A minimum of three free falls symbols will take you to the free falls game (actually Gonzo will guide you there) and in this mode the win multiplier starts at three times and finishes at 15X so winnings really do mount up very quickly. It is also possible to win more free falls whilst in free fall play.

That really is casino gambling at its best and if you like that one there are other casino slots at All Irish Casino with the same fifteen independent symbols such as Jack Hammer™. The system is slightly different at Jack Hammer™ as winning symbols are held and all other are spun again to see if the win can be improved. They call this Sticky Wins™ and again it is a way of improving the win substantially without adding any extra funds. There is no win multiplier in this casino slot but the Sticky Wins™ can go on until all fifteen symbols are the same which will give you no less than 25 winning lines.