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Onine casino gambling has many choices for Irish gamblers

By mr-gambling on 2016-06-01 16:39:15

Online gambling is definitely in the ascendency as more and more people realise that visits to the local bookmaker are no longer required and probably even more important is the fact that you suddenly have a wider choice of bookmakers. This is particularly the case when it comes to online casino gambling as there are far more online casinos than there are sports bookmakers. Whilst this is a good thing it can make choosing an online casino more difficult but thankfully there is where some of the better online casinos are listed where you can do your casino gambling in a safe and well controlled environment. Obviously online casino gambling is going to attract some less than honest people but if you stick to those online casinos that are correctly licensed and operate under the jurisdiction of a well known authority such as Malta or Gibraltar you should be safe. If you do not know about correct licensing, do not worry as has done the investigation on behalf of Irish gambling customers and has created a shortlist of online casinos for your consideration. This shortlist includes some of the major names in online gambling such as Paddy Power and Ladbrokes as they both have a very good online casino offering but there are some very good alternatives of smaller online casinos that are online only and do not offer sports gambling at all. Casino gambling at one of these smaller casinos does not have to compromise your enjoyment as they more often than not they use casino software from the same suppliers as some of the larger casinos meaning that the casino games are often the same but being smaller they can be more friendly and personal. One of the better casino gambling sites can be found at All Irish Casino which has specifically targeted the Irish casino market and uses predominately casino software supplied by NetEnt or NetEntertaiment to give them the correct name. The casino slots in the range are sometimes a little bit different from the regular spinning reels and there are some casino slots such as Jack Hammer™ where they introduce a very useful feature called “sticky wins”. This is a feature whereby every win results in the winning symbols being held and all others are spun again to see if the win can be improved. This continues until there is no better win combination whereupon the highest win is paid out and no additional payment is made for any of these extra spins. Slots gambling is all about excitement and this feature certainly adds a bit of bit of spice. Casino gambling is of course not all about casino slots as there are other very popular casino games such as Roulette and Blackjack which everybody can play. Roulette gambling requires absolutely no skill as it is a gambling game of pure luck; you simply place as many chips as you like on any numbers or combination of numbers that you like and hope for the best. There are no good bets or bad bets when gambling on roulette as the odds paid are directly proportional to the number of numbers backed. For example there are 18 red numbers on the roulette wheel so placing 18 chips on red if winning will result in exactly the same number of chips as would 18 separate bets on any single numbers. Blackjack on the other hand is a casino gambling game that does require a little bit of common sense to play and win although of course there is a huge element of luck involved. The skill in blackjack gambling is recognising that the dealer will bust when following the rules of drawing to 17 and still being in the game when this happens. Remember that you still win when the dealer busts even if you only have 12 or 13 in your hand. The dealer must follow the rules of drawing to 17 but you do not have to.

Online casinos are also trying to attract new players all the time and they generally do this by offering a bonus for new players which generally comes in the form of a match of your first deposit into the casino and is generally 100% with a maximum figure. This is all very well and in theory gives you twice as much money to play with which last twice as long but it can be very difficult to actually turn that into cash that can be withdrawn due to the requirement that you must stake that amount a high number of times. There are alternatives to this casino gambling bonus  when choosing an online casino so for example at an online casino called No Bonus Casino there are no bonuses given but instead  if you make a deposit and lose it all they will give you a percentage of your money back and there are no restriction on what you can do with that money. You can play again or if you wish you can make an immediate withdrawal of the money with no questions asked. What is more is that is not an introduction promotion for new players only; it is available for every deposit made by any player at any time. If neither of those options takes your fancy then how about where again there are no bonuses but every deposit attracts a number of free spins on a choice of casino slots. The number of free spins depends on the casino slot chosen and the size of your deposit but several hundred free spins can result. It is true that winnings from these free spins cannot be immediately withdrawn as there are staking requirements but those are generally less severe than those required for a matching deposits bonus.

Online casino gambling has plenty of choice for the casino software which results in the casino games available as well as promotions available for new players or indeed all players every time so choose carefully and enjoy the experience.