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Casino gambling at the live casino option of online casinos is limited

By mr-gambling on 2017-06-12 12:33:47

There is always a question about whether gambling at a sporting event such as horse racing is better than online gambling from the comfort of your own home and there is no universal answer as each individual has their own preference. There are even those who go to horse racing meetings and don’t gamble at all but when it comes to other forms of gambling such as casino gambling there really is not much choice in Ireland as there are no proper casinos so online casino gambling is the only answer. Online casinos do however offer an option called live casino which attempts to replicate in some way the feeling of being at an actual casino. Gambling online will never be quite the same as experiencing a live event and live casino is no different. Anybody who has been to an actual casino in a major European city will know that there is an atmosphere of excitement which is generated by both winners and losers and this atmosphere can be created either by noise or quiet. In the USA there is often a lot of noise in casinos which is partly to blame on the casino game of Craps where many players are playing at the same time and the lack of a dress code whereas in Monte Carlo there is a subdued atmosphere from people wearing jacket and tie but the excitement still prevails. Unfortunately even at the live casino versions of online casinos this atmosphere is missing which begs the question as to why anybody would choose the live casino in preference to the regular online casino. is of the opinion that there is really only one possible explanation and that is the random number generator which is used for all online casino gambling. It is very easy to blame a random number generator when you are on a losing streak as simple bad luck cannot be a reason. Nobody has any problem with them when winning. The truth is that as long as you are using a correctly licensed online casino such as listed at this site then the RNG will be regularly tested for randomness usually by independent auditors. This is not actually part of the licensing requirements but good online casinos do it anyway. This means that your chances of winning at roulette for example are just as good at an online casino as at the live casino option where you see the wheel being spun. Contrary to some peoples belief every turn of the roulette wheel brings a random result and numbers that have previously come up have no bearing whatsoever on will happen next. It is not for nothing that casinos online or otherwise provide a running commentary of previous winning numbers; if that information was going to be of any use at all they would not do it. RNGs have been around for a long time and have many uses apart from online casino gambling such as banking. If you do online banking you may have to use a card reader where you put in your PIN and then a number which the card reader gives you. This number has been generated by an RNG and is programmed into your reader in the same sequence that the bank recognises but we do not question that application.

Gambling online at the live casino also has the disadvantage that there are very limited casino games available. Generally speaking roulette and blackjack are available everywhere but after that you may get Baccarat or Casino Hold’em or on occasions such as at All Irish Casino Punto Banco might appear although that is basically the same as Baccarat and that is about it. This is fine for those that like those casino games but very many Irish casino players enjoy gambling on slots at their online casino and slots gambling is just not suitable for live casino and therefore does not appear.

The live casino is usually not a casino at all but a room which has been equipped with the necessary tables and roulette wheels and of course the cameras needed to transmit the pictures to your computer or other device. This room can be anywhere and is more often than not in one of Eastern European neighbouring countries. There are exceptions to this; for example No Bonus Casino and Freespins Casino along with All Irish Casino transmit their live casino from an actual casino in Malta called the Portomaso Casino which is one of the best known if not the best known casino on the island. Even then however the live casino for online casinos is not on the actual casino floor but rather in a separate room. This is very understandable as most players at a casino would not appreciate their pictures being broadcast across the world for all to see. It does however improve the chances of the dealers being professional and well trained and of course in Malta English is a second language so the ability to communicate should be improved.

Live casino does provide the opportunity to chat with the dealer but there is no communication with other players and you cannot see what other players are doing which for many is part of the enjoyment of an actual casino. Despite all this the take up of the live casino option is not all that great and most players still prefer the regular online casino for their casino gambling. Minimum stakes also tend to be a little higher at the live casino option when compared to regular online casino play which is presumably because dealers have to be paid and playing for pennies is not going to do that. This is of course also the reason why brick and mortar casinos have relatively high minimum stakes. Unless you really have an issue with the RNG in use at your online casino there does not seem to be much advantage to the live casino option.