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Casino gambling is very different from online sports gambling

By mr-gambling on 2019-03-11 14:58:57

Gambling does seem to be getting a lot of bad press recently but a lot of it is centred around the games which are attractive to kids and where some believe there is an element of gambling involved which might be encouraging kids to gamble in later life. Many of this sort of game makes money by encouraging players to buy extras such as weapons or lives which are known as in play purchases and may help a player reach the next level or similar but there are apparently games where the player can but a mystery box of goodies which is where the gambling comes in. No self respecting online gambling site including this one would ever condone underage gambling and all of the true online gambling companies go to great lengths to make sure that players are 18 or above but this only covers gambling online at sports gambling sites or online casinos. The problem appears to be more in the war games such as Fortnite™ where in game purchases can apparently have elements of chance. There is however one thing which many Irish casino players can do to help prevent underage gambling and that is to keep details of your account confidential. There are too many stories of underage children logging in to their parents account and gambling online once the password is known so whatever you do keep your password away from children and of necessary change it on a regular basis.

An online casino will do its best to stop accounts being created by underage players but can do little against somebody using another’s account. Sports and casino online gambling is not a crime; it is in fact a source of great enjoyment for many people so all the bad press should be read carefully. Maybe you have just turned 18 and are looking to share in some of that enjoyment which is your absolute right but you are not sure where to go as there is a vast choice. Not only is there a choice of where to gamble but also what form of gambling you want. The two most popular forms of online gambling are sports gambling and casino gambling and covers both of these and has a separate top three in each category. The point being here that a top sports gambling company is not necessarily in the top three of online casino gambling and vice versa. Sports gambling and casino gambling are very different but they still often attract the same players. For sports gambling it is, in the opinion of, better to pick one of the major players. The reason for this being that these companies write their own software which is a major investment that smaller companies cannot really make. Online casino gambling on the other hand is a free for all as casino software is developed and written by specialist companies who then market it to the online casinos. This means that larger companies no longer have an advantage over the smaller ones which leaves smaller more agile ones to be able to offer a better package. There are plenty of examples of smaller online casinos that can offer more than the larger ones. For example it is not uncommon for a large online gambling company to have an exclusive agreement with one casino software company which means they can only offer casino games from that supplier. The online gambling company will undoubtedly get a better deal from the casino software company by doing this but that is no advantage to the user or customer. Other more specialised online casinos on the other hand often use software from a variety of suppliers which clearly gives a much wider selection of casino games especially in the casino slots area. It is quite common for these online casinos to run two or three types of software on the same site alongside each other and in fact there are casinos such as CasinoLand which use 16 different suppliers thus providing literally hundreds of slots to choose from.

The variety of casino games is not the only way in which specialised online casinos compete favourably with their larger online gambling competitors. There can also be a better way of offering casino bonuses such as at No Bonus Casino which does not offer any. You might ask how not offering a bonus can compete with offering a bonus but the answer lies in the alternative. The standard bonus on sports gambling sites is the free bet but at online casinos it is a deposit matching bonus whereby the casino promises to give the player money to gamble with equivalent to the first ever deposit into their account. The problem with this type of bonus is that the money awarded as a bonus is separate from the players own money and neither it nor any winnings resulting from it can be withdrawn until certain requirements have been met. These requirements are always that the money must be staked around 40 times on casino games but not all casino games count towards the requirement. Some gambling games such as roulette or blackjack will often not count at all as they are considered by the casino to be low risk. This requirement to stake the bonus money 40 times considerably reduces your chances of ever getting hold of any actual money.

No Bonus Casino on the other hand says that if you lose they will give you some cash back instead of getting a bonus. There are terms and conditions but basically if a player makes a deposit into their online casino account and manages to lose all of it on the same day then 10% will be refunded the very next day. This is not an offer exclusive to new players as it is available to every player on every deposit plus there are no restrictions on what happens to the cash back. It belongs to the player immediately so they can do with it as they wish.