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Casino gambling in Ireland is still only possible at online casinos

By mr-gambling on 2018-05-11 12:03:51

Most Irish people enjoy a spot of gambling and the coming of online gambling has made it all much more accessible but the one thing which the country is still missing is the opportunity to go to a real live casino not only to gamble but also for the atmosphere and ambiance of people winning and losing fortunes. It is possible to spend hours in a casino people watching to see reactions to winning or losing without actually placing a bet yourself but of course there is no substitute for risking your own cash. Online casinos try to replicate this casino activity with what they call live casino but that is only partly successful. Live casino in online casino terms is simply a room somewhere which has been equipped with the necessary card tables and roulette tables but it does have live dealers. The whole process of dealing cards or spinning the roulette wheel is filmed on web cam and streamed to your PC or other device. Gambling online in this way is live in that what you are seeing is real time but in truth any online casino activity is real time but the difference is that in regular online casino gambling the next card or number on the roulette wheel is determined by a random number generator or RNG for short whereas in the live casino option it is dealers who are actually dealing cards. This really does not improve your chances of winning as long as the RNG being used is completely random and they normally are as online casinos such as those listed on the site have them regularly tested.

There are plenty of casino gambling opportunities for Irish casino players and several of them are listed under the casinos tab but the top three according to are All Irish Casino, No Bonus Casino and Fun Casino. All Irish Casino has been around for several years and is a well established online casino used by many in Ireland and it is probably the only one which focuses on the Irish market instead of trying to be a player in all European countries so you will find popular payment methods and casino games with Irish themes. Players from other countries do use the site once they have found it as they probably like the simple language used. The casino is of course correctly licensed in Malta and it operates under the jurisdiction of the Malta gaming Authority which is one of the foremost online gambling jurisdictions in Europe. Unusually All Irish Casino also has the live casino option streamed from an actual casino premises in Malta although not from the actual casino floor. The casino software in use is mainly from NetEnt although there are also casino games from Microgaming and Amatic Industries to make sure that everybody can find a game they like including the biggest jackpot slots around.

No Bonus casino is an interesting online casino and has what is believed to be a unique approach to the bonus system used by many online gambling companies. As we are bombarded by adverts you cannot have failed to notice that new players are always offered some sort of bonus. In sports gambling this generally comes in the form of a free bet but in casino gambling it is more likely to be a deposit matching bonus whereby the casino will match your first ever deposit into your casino account. This match does enable you to play for twice as long as would otherwise be the case but do not think that if you win in the first couple of spins that you can walk away with the winnings. The terms and conditions associated with this type of casino bonus will state that you must stake the bonus money a number of times, which can be as high as 40 times, before any of it can be withdrawn plus some casino game such as roulette or blackjack will not count towards the staking requirement at all. This actually makes it quite difficult to get your hands on the cash but as said before you can play for longer. No Bonus Casino has a completely different take by not offering bonuses but rather gives cash back if you lose.

That might sound too good to be true but the promotion is in fact very simple. If you make a deposit into your online casino account on any given day and are unfortunate enough to lose it all on the same day then the very next day you will receive 10% cash back. If you win you get nothing except of course the winnings. This is an exceptional offer because the cash back is given with no strings attached. The cash is placed into your playing account for you to do with as you wish so you can carry on playing any of the casino games or you can simply walk away with it. What is more is that this is not an offer for new players only; it applies to any player on any deposit. There are certain restrictions such as how much cash you can have in your account when making an applicable deposit so it is best to read the terms and conditions but cash back every time seems to be better than a one of bonus any day.

The final casino is Fun Casino which has been set up to ensure maximum enjoyment for the players. Apart from having excellent casino software and casino games this casino gambling site goes to great lengths to ensure that players do not overextend themselves by providing ample opportunity for players to set their own gambling limits in terms of maximum stakes or maximum deposits or even length of time that can be played. Only the player knows what their limits are and all players are encouraged to set them but those that refuse will be subject to the standard limits. This is all done to ensure that casino gambling remains in the fun zone for players. This online casino is also available in full on mobiles or tablets as well as a PC.