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Casino gambling has far more variety than other forms of online gambling

By mr-gambling on 2018-08-07 15:31:15

There are many forms of online gambling many of which are advertised incessantly during TV programmes but these seem to concentrate on sports gambling and bingo gambling while ignoring what is possibly the best form of gambling online which is casino gambling. Casino gambling has so much to offer from games which are simple to play such as Roulette, those with an element of skill such as Blackjack and those where the winnings can far outweigh the stakes required such as casino slots plus several that are unfamiliar with most players but which can be great fun to try. In this category we are talking about casino games such as Baccarat, Caribbean Stud or Craps. The question is where to start on your online casino gambling adventure and the answer is to choose one of the online casinos listed at this site which have been selected especially for Irish gamblers. An important feature is that each casino listed has been checked out to make sure that they are correctly licensed for operation in Ireland and that they operate under the control of a recognised authority and that they use reputable casino software. Online casinos are  natural target for the unscrupulous out to make a quick buck and disappear so these checks are indispensable.

Casino slots are probably the most played casino games in the casino gambling world and many online casinos have literally hundreds to choose from which makes it difficult to try them all out but you can save a little time by deciding what sport of online casino player you want to be. For example if you are only interested in gambling on casino slots where there are huge jackpots that regularly run into the millions of Euro then you need to look at slots such as Mega Moolah™ or Mega Moolah Isis™ from casino software Microgaming but there are others such as Arabian Nights™ or Hall of Gods™ produced by casino software company NetEnt. Fortunately you do not need to look all over the place for these as they can easily be found under the “Jackpots” tab at All Irish Casino. You may not be looking to win huge jackpots but instead smaller more frequent wins where there is fun to be had at the same time. For those people recommends slots such as Gonzo’s Quest™ or Jack Hammer™. Neither of these casino gambling slots have jackpots but there is still serious money to be won particularly in the free spins mode where all wins are automatically tripled. Gonzo’s Quest™ is a slot set in deepest Peru and has a sort of Aztec theme to it. The symbols are a sort of hieroglyphics that are carved onto rocks and when a winning combination is triggered those rocks explode which allows any in the row above to drop down and replace them. Any spaces in the top row are then filled with new blocks. As this is happening there is a win multiplier which moves to 2X so that if the rearranged blocks result in another win, that win pays out double. It does not stop there however as the process of replacing blocks continues as long as new wins are being triggered and the win multiplier moves to 5X after just three successive wins but get into the free spins mode and the win multiplier starts at 3X and runs up to 15X which can create some serious money. Apart from the winnings, the humour comes from Gonzo himself who stands at the side of the game watching what is going on. Most of the time he is scratching his beard but gets very excited when you hit a big win.

The other casino gambling slot mentioned is Jack Hammer™ and this has very different plays including the special feature called Sticky Wins™. The slot is gangster themed but the interesting thing is the way Sticky Wins™ works. There are 15 symbols visible on the screen and they all can move independently from each other. When a win is triggered, which can be as few as three matching symbols, the remaining symbols are all spun again. This may well result in the win being improved by adding extra matching symbols and if so the process repeats again and again until there is no further improvement whereupon the highest win is paid out. In this way a very small win can quickly develop into a large win.

Not a slots player? Not a problem as casino gambling has something for everybody. Almost everybody knows how to play Roulette and even if you don’t there is not much to learn; it is a simple question of placing bets on which of the 37 numbers a ball will land on the roulette wheel. The 37 numbers are 0 and 1 thru 36. Beware of gambling at American Roulette as there is an additional zero known as double zero (00) which means 38 numbers in total rather the 37 at European or French Roulette. One of the reasons that roulette is so simple is that there are no good or bad bets For example you could place one chip on each of the 18 red numbers on the board or you could place the same 18 chips on the red segment and the result would be the same in the case of a win. In the same way you could place three chips on each of three numbers in a row or the same three chips at the end of the row and the result again would be the same. Roulette gambling is very popular for this reason plus there is nothing to be gained from knowing what has gone before as every spin is random. If there was any advantage to be gained by knowing what previous winning numbers were, the online casino would certainly not offer the information but it does. Online casino gambling has such a variety of games that other forms of online gambling cannot offer so if you have not already signed up now could be the time.