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Casino gambling can be done anytime and virtually in any place

By mr-gambling on 2017-11-19 14:46:23

Online gambling takes many forms and even though sports gambling is probably the most popular in Ireland it is closely followed these days by online casino gambling. Online poker tends to be rather specialised and whilst there are undoubtedly many good players in Ireland it has never really reached the masses as a participation pastime. Online bingo is also very popular amongst certain members of the public especially as it is seen as a low cost form of gambling if indeed it is considered gambling at all. Under the definition of gambling, playing games of chance for money, it is definitely gambling but then so is participation in a lottery. There is another definition of gambling which is taking risky action in the hope of a desired result which removes the money aspect but would still include all the common forms of gambling which we know. Gambling online enables many people to have a flutter on sports that they would otherwise not do simply due to the convenience of being able to do it from home. Sports gambling is particularly prone to this when people sit down to watch a game of soccer of a horse race. The whole event is so much more exciting when there are a few Euro on the result and it does not even need to be a large amount but casino gambling is whole different ball game so to speak.

Gambling at an online casino never appears on television for the simple reason that it is not a spectator pastime. There are of course those who go to casinos in other countries for the experience and excitement of seeing other people gambling and indeed places such as Monte Carlo are attractive places in themselves and for rubbing shoulders with wealthy individuals who have taken a taxi up to the casino from their yacht which is moored in the harbour there is no better place. If, however, watching other people engaged in casino gambling does not excite you too much there are plenty of online casinos available to the Irish public. In fact Ireland is possibly one of the European countries with the most choice as the Government has made no effort to place any restrictions on it. This is both a good thing and a bad thing when compared to countries such as the UK where they have their own licensing authority without whose permission online casinos cannot operate. Ireland has no such arrangement as they rely on the licenses issued by any European country. The good thing is that this policy means that there are very many online casinos operating in the country but the bad thing is that there could be little control.

There are recognised countries which specialise in the online gambling world and issue licenses only to those companies that they have checked and audited. These are countries such as Gibraltar and Malta so if an online casino has a license from one of these you can be pretty sure that it is a well run casino. Any casino listed on the site has a license issued by a respected authority as that is one of the checkpoints used. Online casinos are obliged to say where they are licensed but sometimes it takes some finding on their site. The biggest advantage of casino gambling is that you can do it anytime and these days in any place as long as you have your mobile phone with you. With other forms of gambling such as sports gambling, although you can place your bet at any time you have to wait until the event is finished before you know whether you have won or lost. Another advantage is the sheer range of casino games which are available which enables the player to choose high risk high reward or low risk low reward games with a range of possible stakes. Some casino games such as roulette offer all of these choices in one game. You can play the low risk game of black/red or odd/even where your chances of winning are almost 50/50 (don’t forget that zero is neither red nor black nor odd nor even) or you play single numbers where your odds are 1 in 37 or approximately 2.7%. The maximum stake allowed will depend on where you place our bets with the maximum on single numbers being much less than on red/black but bets of €500 are quite possible.

Probably the most popular form of casino gambling however is casino slots and most online casinos carry hundreds of these to chose from. Most of these fall into one of two categories which are three reel slots and five reel slots and ignoring the theme of the slot which is reflected in the symbols and the music there are often very similar. They all seem to offer wild symbols and free spins symbols but there are one or two which something a little bit different. One of these which particularly likes is the casino slot called Jack Hammer™ which has a feature called Sticky Wins™. This feature is permanently engaged so it does not need to be earned and what happens is that when a winning combination of three or more symbols is achieved all symbols in that win are held and all others are spun again. This is achieved by all the symbols being independent of each other instead of being placed on a reel containing other symbols. Should the re-spin result in the original win being improved upon such as by an additional identical symbol then the process is repeated. This happens again and again until the win is no longer improved whereupon the greatest win achieved is paid out. This all happens automatically and all the re-spins are free. It is amazing how a simple low value win can escalate into something substantial. There are of course the standard wilds and free spins symbols as well and the Sticky Wins™ feature is still in operation in the free spins mode where incidentally all wins are tripled in value.