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Casino gambling can be better than sports gambling

By mr-gambling on 2017-06-04 11:42:28

Gambling online is a sort of challenge to try and beat the bookmaker as well as being good entertainment. There is always an extra edge when watching a football match or a horse race when you have a few Euro on the outcome and the thrill of winning is what makes most people take part and online gambling makes it even easier. The trouble with horse racing gambling or any form of sports gambling is that the event often takes a long time to be settled and that is why many Irish folk also turn to casino gambling but often in addition to their sports gambling rather than as a replacement for it. Online casino gambling is very quick and the result is known pretty much straight away and unlike sports gambling it is possible to win large amounts with very little outlay. The only way to win large amounts at sports gambling is to place large bets or take a high risk with multiples. It is not for nothing that bookmakers are always making special offers for gambling on multiples such as Ladbrokes who promise a return of your stake if one of your five multiples fails but even then the return of stake is in the form of a free bet. At an online casino however there are plenty of opportunities with casino slots giving the greatest chance of making real money from small stakes. Casino games such as blackjack pay a maximum of one and a half times your stake which is for a blackjack but other casino games such as roulette pay 35:1 for a single number win. To put that into perspective in large races such as the Grand National there are 40 horses and only some of those will have odds in excess of 35:1 whereas in roulette there are 37 numbers (36 plus the zero) and they all have odds of 35:1. Your chances of picking a winning number in roulette are probably just as good or better than picking a winner in a 40 horse race.

The real big money however is in the casino sots section of the online casino. All online casinos have a huge selection of casino slots these days and some of those offer jackpots of millions of Euro but you cannot win those huge jackpots by playing a minimum stake per line. Most if not all progressive jackpot slots at online casinos require you to be playing the maximum per line to win the maximum jackpot and bear in mind that these casino slots have multiple lines so your stake per spin can be quite considerable but of course that only applies to the jackpots of millions of Euro. Many casino slots have jackpots which are not millions but thousands of Euro and they are much more reasonable in terms of stakes required and when was the last time you won thousands Euro in any other form of online gambling? Big jackpots are however not the reason most Irish casino players play at their online casino; it is more likely to be the entertainment value and coming out ahead of the game which is why casino slots such as Jack Hammer™ and Gonzo’s Quest™ are in demand. These casino slots provide entertainment through the very nature of the game and in the case of Gonzo’s Quest™ the activities of Gonzo.

This casino slot does not have a jackpot as such but with a win multiplier in action there can be some pretty impressive wins especially in the free spins mode which is called free falls in this slot. The casino slot which is a product of NetEnt casino software and can be found at All Irish Casino is based around the intrepid explorer Gonzo down in darkest Peru with the symbols having a sort of Aztec theme to them and are carved onto blocks of stone. The minimum win is three of a symbol on any one of the 20 winning lines starting from left to right. There are of course wilds to help along the way and when a win is triggered, the blocks forming that win explode. At this point any blocks above the exploding ones drop down and any on the top row are replaced but the important thing is that the win multiplier ticks over to 2X. If the new arrangement of blocks results in another win then that win pays double. In this casino slot that is not the end of the story as the process of winning blocks exploding and being replaced continues until no further win is achieved and in the meantime the win multiplier moves from 2x to 3X and to 5X. This all happens without any further funds being needed so wins can be substantial. As stated previously however the big money comes when the free falls are triggered which is achieved with just three free falls symbols. When this happens Gonzo gets excited and escorts you to a separate game where all the symbols are the same but the win multiplier starts at 3X and goes to 6X, 9X and ends up at 15X after just three successive wins. It is also possible to win more free falls when in the free falls game. AS you can see casino gambling can be very lucrative with a bit of luck.

The other casino slot mentioned was Jack Hammer™ and this use what are called Sticky Wins™ instead of a win multiplier. In this arrangement all winning symbols are held and all other are spun again without any additional funds being required. Should the re-spin result in the win being improved by for example additional symbols matching the held ones then the process repeats itself again and again until no further improvement is made whereupon the largest win is paid. In this way a relatively small win can easily become a large win especially in free spins mode where all wins are tripled. This casino slot is a 25 winning line slot and is again brought to you by NetEnt casino software and can also be found at All Irish Casino.