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Casino gambling bonuses can be different from the norm

By mr-gambling on 2018-11-11 09:03:51

There has been a lot of publicity around online gambling recently centred on advertisements for sports gambling during the games or matches which some people consider adds to possible problems with gambling. Online casino gambling does not seem to be drawing as much attention and it is quite possible that online casino gambling is less popular when live sports matches are on as the same people could be involved. Gambling online on sports events is certainly more popular in the times approaching the events or of course with in play betting even while the event is taking place. Gambling at online casinos is more likely to place in the evenings although now that online casinos provide the ability to play the casino games on all sorts of mobile devices it can actually take place at any time anywhere. Advertising for online casinos therefore takes place at all sorts of times. If Bingo can be considered casino gambling then advertising for that seems to more fixed around late afternoon and especially around afternoon quiz shows when it is presumably assumed that more ladies will be watching. has no idea whether this is the case or not.

Without the heavy advertising for online casino gambling, making a choice of which online casino to use has to be done considering other factors and one of those is likely to be the sort of casino bonus which is being offered. Although would caution Irish casino players against making decisions based on this alone there are many potential casino players attracted by the numbers involved. The major issue with this type of casino gambling bonus is that it is a one off for new registrations only so once you have used your bonus there is nothing more to come. It might be tempting to think that as all online casinos offer something similar you might as well take the bonus as not. The fault with this argument is that there are alternatives and not all online casinos offer something similar. Some online casinos such as No Bonus Casino and Freespins casino have recognised that treating new customers better than existing customers is possibly not the way to keep players happy so both have come up with alternatives to the new player bonus which are equally available to existing and new players.

Before getting into exactly what is on offer at these casino gambling establishments it might be better to take a closer look at what the “normal” casino bonus is and what you can get out of it. The most common form of casino bonus is what is called the deposit matching bonus whereby the online casino will match your first ever deposit 100% or in other words they will double your money. There are instances where the casino gambling company will also provide matching funds for your second, third or even fourth deposits but these are all likely to be at a much lower percentage such as 50% or even 25%. The term double your money is also only true to a certain extent as although twice as much cash is available to play casino games the two pots of money (your money and the bonus money) are kept quite separate. Your own deposit can be used to play or withdraw as you wish but the bonus money cannot be withdrawn until certain requirements have been met. These requirements are normally expressed as play through which effectively means that the amount must be staked a number of times and the higher the number of times the more chance the online casino has of winning back the bonus money before it need be paid out. To fulfil the requirement is made even more difficult by some casino games such as roulette or blackjack being excluded. All in all it can be quite difficult to actually convert these casino bonuses into hard cash but of course you can play for longer than would otherwise be the case.

No Bonus Casino takes an entirely new approach for online gambling and says that instead of an upfront bonus you can have cash back if you lose. This sounds simple and indeed it is. If you make a deposit into your online casino account on any given day and mange to lose the whole lot on the same day then the casino will refund you 10% the very next day. There are couple of very attractive points about this offer. Firstly there are no restrictions on which casino games you can play and secondly there is no such thing as separate account. The 10% cash back is exactly what it says, cash so it is placed directly back into your playing account which in turn means that it is yours immediately to do anything with. If you want to carry on playing any of the casino games then go ahead but if you want to remove it from your account you can do that too. This offer is available to all players on every deposit made into their account.

Freespins Casino has a similar idea of rewarding all players but instead of offering cash back they offer free spins on a selection of casino slots. There are actually three types of free spins to choose from which include low value, medium value and high value spins but the higher the value of the free sins the fewer spins will be awarded. The total value remains the same and is dependent on the size of your deposit. Most casino gambling people will realise that it is totally impossible to lose money when playing free spins, the worst you can do is to have nothing left after playing them all but even that is highly unlikely. It should come as no surprise , therefore, to learn that the online casino insists on some further staking of the profits at the end of playing your free spins. The important point to note is that this is only applicable to the profits made from the free spins that you were awarded in the first place so there is still nothing to lose.