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Caribbean stud is a fun casino gambling game

By mr-gambling on 2013-03-22 10:15:13

There are lots of gambling games at online casinos which everybody feels they can have a go at such as roulette, blackjack and slots but there are also several gambling games which although great fun are only played by relatively few people and one such game is Caribbean Stud Poker. The very mention of gambling on poker is enough to put many Irish casino players off as it associated with possibly coming up against sharks who are willing to take your money but gambling on Caribbean stud is very different as you are only playing against the online casino, you determine your stake and if your hand is better than the dealers you win. Caribbean stud gambling is simply comparing your dealt hand with the dealers dealt hand and the game begins by the player placing an ante bet. After this the cards are dealt and although you can see all of your cards, only one of the dealers cards is visible and based on what you can see you must decide whether you can beat the dealer or not. Gambling on Caribbean stud continues if you think you have the better hand and if you do then you place a further bet equal to twice the ante bet after which the dealers cards are exposed and the hands compared; it really is that simple. There is one proviso in Caribbean stud gambling that the dealer must have at least an ace/king for the hand to be valid but if you have placed a further bet you will still win against your ante bet even if the Caribbean stud dealer does not have a qualifying hand. You can never lose more than your stake when gambling on Caribbean stud but you can win more as hands of three of a kind pay out at increased odds. Gambling on Caribbean stud poker really is simple and is well worth a try.