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Caribbean stud gambling is very easy

By mr-gambling on 2012-07-25 09:56:45

An often misunderstood casino gambling game is Caribbean Stud or Caribbean Stud Poker to give it its full name and it is possibly the “poker” which puts many of the gambling fraternity off but in truth Caribbean Stud is one the simplest gambling casino games around and the only resemblance that it has to poker games such as Texas Hold’em is that you are trying to form a poker hand of 5 cards but a major difference is that there is no bluffing or raising so you cannot lose more than your stake.  In Caribbean stud gambling you are gambling against the house and if you get a better hand you win and in fact you can win at better odds than even money if your hand is good enough. Caribbean stud gambling starts with the player placing an ante bet after which the cards are dealt; there is no changing of cards so the cards you see are the ones you play with. Only one of the dealers’ cards will be exposed at this point and based on what you see you must decide whether to continue gambling or fold your hand. To carry on gambling on your Caribbean stud hand you will need to place an additional bet which is equal to twice your ante bet but if you fold you will simply lose your ante bet and the hand is over. Caribbean Stud gambling is however a bit like some video pokers where unless the dealer has what is called a qualifying hand gambling cannot take place; in this case any additional bet you have placed is returned and your ante bet gets paid out at 1:1. A qualifying hand in Caribbean stud gambling is usually an Ace/King or better. As previously said, when gambling on Caribbean stud a hand which is better than a pair will get paid out at increased odds but there is no fixed tariff so check out the table you are playing.