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Be careful how you fund your online gambling

By mr-gambling on 2015-03-31 11:24:40

There is no doubt that online gambling has been a tremendous improvement in terms of convenience and improved use of our leisure time. There is however one factor associated with online gambling which can cause problems if it is not given sufficient thought. Whether you are a fan of online sports gambling or prefer casino gambling online the first important question you need to ask yourself is how you propose to deposit money into your online gambling account. Here at we regularly hear of new customers of the online gambling sites being caught out by the costs involved when they use a credit card for example as a deposit option, so let’s look at the alternatives. All the major online gambling site operators offer a variety of deposit options but there is no doubt that some of these options are better than others. Many of us have become used to reaching for a credit card when purchasing products or services online, and in most cases it is often the best method because of the insurance element of a credit card transaction. Do not however assume that a credit card is the best way of funding an online gambling account. Quite apart from the fact that you would be effectively gambling with borrowed money, which is never a good idea, the banks will almost certainly apply a surcharge of up to 2% on any transaction involving gambling. On top of that using a credit card for this purpose is considered to be a cash transaction, which therefore attracts interest at credit card rates from day one. Even using a debit card as a deposit option can attract unnecessary attention from some banks, so what is the alternative. The answer is to open an e-wallet account such as Pay Pal or Neteller and make deposits from that account to fund either sports gambling or casino gambling online. This deposit option will not only improve your privacy and your security, you will also avoid unnecessary costs because your bank will not know what the account is being used for. An e-wallet can of course also be funded in any way you choose, including a credit card if you must.