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Avoid gambling on American roulette

By mr-gambling on 2015-06-13 14:45:50

Probably the most popular of all casino gambling games is also the simplest and that is roulette. Roulette gambling can be found at every online casino and land based casino all over the world and what makes it so popular is that it is a gambling game of pure luck; there is no skill involved whatsoever; you simply place your chips on the table and hope for the best. Some make a point of looking at previous numbers when roulette gambling but the truth is that this has absolutely no relevance to the next number rolled. Another thing that makes gambling on roulette attractive is that there are no good or bad ways of placing bets as the odds paid are directly proportional to the number of numbers backed. In other words if you placed bets of €1 on 18 different individual numbers and won it would be exactly the same as betting €18 on red or black which is also backing 18 numbers and winning. Either way you would end up with €36. There is only one point to avoid when roulette gambling and that is the American version. On American roulette wheel there is an additional zero which is known as 00 which means that there are 38 possible results instead of 37 in the European roulette game but the odds paid are exactly the same in both games. It is very obvious therefore that gambling on American roulette does not favour the roulette player. If you are gambling online then the online casino will probably have both games available and if you have the choice stick with the European or French versions. If you happen to be gambling on a ship or a ferry then the chances are that only American roulette is available. Online gambling at roulette remains as popular as ever.