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All online gambling requires software but casino software is really important

By mr-gambling on 2018-07-30 10:35:57

As with anything to do with online activity, software is all important and this is especially true of online casino software which drives all the casino games. All forms of online gambling require software and some of it is quite sophisticated and getting more and more complicated as time goes by. Take for example sports gambling where the most recent innovations include such things as in play gambling or early check out for multiples whereas in earlier days the odds were fixed at the beginning of a match and that was it. These innovations require more and more sophisticated software. The same applies in online casinos and although the casino software for casino games such as Roulette or blackjack has hardly changed when it comes to casino slots there have been huge changes. Gambling online at an online casino slot was originally nothing more than replicating the three reel one armed bandits that could be found in clubs around the country but today nearly all casino slots have 5 reels and the number of winning lines can run into the hundreds which puts even more pressure on the casino software as it becomes totally impossible for a player to check all the possible winning combinations on every spin. Online casinos used to develop their own casino software in the very early days but that very soon became impractical and we ended up with specialised companies who supply their products to the online casinos.

There are quite a few casino software companies around and they vary from quite large to very small but the important thing to remember is that just because a casino software company is small that does not mean that the casino games produced are in any way inferior; it simple means that they have fewer of them. There are in any event far fewer casino software companies than there are online casinos so duplication of casino games is inevitable as you have probably noticed. This actually has a couple of advantages for the online casino player. Firstly if you have found a casino slot that you particularly like but you are not so keen on the online casino where you found it there is a very good chance that you can find the same slot elsewhere. Secondly when it comes to progressive jackpot slots by having multiple users the jackpot can build up much faster. It is possibly not common knowledge that the progressive jackpots found at some casino slots are in fact managed by the casino software company which produced the slot rather than any individual online casino. The process works by each spin on a jackpot slot contributing a very small amount to the jackpot so the more spins there are the faster the jackpot builds and obviously the more online casinos there are featuring the slot in question he more spins there will be in any given time frame. Another result of this arrangement is that when an online casino has a player who hits a large jackpot they are very pleased when you might expect them to be rather upset at losing so much cash. The truth is that it costs the online casino nothing but they can get all the promotion value by advertising that one of their players has won.

The big players in the casino software industry are NetEnt, Microgaming and Playtech and you can find their casino games at several of the online casinos recommended on this site. Some online casinos prefer to use only one supplier but prefers sites such as All Irish Casino which uses several casino software companies simultaneously which of course gives the player a much greater choice. There are other up and coming casino software companies such as Amanet which is the online name of Amatic Industries. The casino software is of particular interest as although a new name in the online casino world, the company has been into gambling for many years. Many of the cabinet style slots found in clubs around the country will have been made by Amatic but just a few years ago they decided to transpose some of their most popular casino slots into online games and they can now be found at online casinos such as Fun Casino, No Bonus Casino and All Irish Casino which just happen to be the top three on the recommended list.

It becomes quite difficult to think up new themes for casino slots and whist it is relatively easy to use new characters there have been not too many changes in the basic play. One fairly recent innovation, however, is to move away from having five reels with attached symbols to having fifteen independent symbols. In other words there are still fifteen symbols visible on the screen but instead of being attached to reels they are all free to move independently from each other. This has several advantages when it comes to holding symbols. For example in the traditional five reel game holding two symbols involves holding two reels so there are only three reels left to improve the win. With independent symbols, however, holding two symbols leaves the other 13 free to spin again thus vastly improving your chances of bettering the result.

This is used to the full in casino slots such as Jack Hammer™ where there is a feature called Sticky Wins™. In this arrangement any winning combination of symbols is held and all other are spun again to see if the win can be improved upon. If that is the result the process repeats itself again and again until no further improvement is made after which the largest win is paid out. This means that a modest win of three matching symbols can very rapidly turn into a substantial win without any further intervention or staking by the player. Jack Hammer™ can be found at any of the top three online casinos. Gambling online always requires software and very often your enjoyment is governed by that software.