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888 casino ranks as one of the better online casinos

By mr-gambling on 2013-03-30 14:37:01

Although we think we are familiar with all the online gambling companies because we see them on the high street all the time there are a number of others that we do not see and those are the ones that often do heavy advertising on our TV screens. One of those that is available to Irish online casino players is 888 casino which is part of 888 Holdings PLC which in turn offers a complete range of online gambling. Despite having no high street presence 888 casino or rather 888 Holdings is a large group based in Gibraltar and listed on the UK stock exchange which should give a feeling of security. Online gambling at 888 is safe and although 888 sports gambling is probably the best known of the online gambling activities 888 casino ranks as one of the better online casinos. At the moment there is a double your money promotion at 888 casino whereby within certain limits 888 casino will double the amount of your first deposit meaning that you have twice as much money with which to play. There are of course the usual terms and conditions to prevent you withdrawing cash immediately but these are no more onerous than at any other online gambling site. covers the full range of online gambling activities and online casinos are just one part of it although sports gambling enthusiasts are starting to realise that there is a lot more money to be made by online casino players because of the massive jackpots and the fact that the jackpots can be won with a very small outlay. Sports gambling fans know that a large bet is generally required to win a large amount whereas at an online casino there are literally millions of Euro available for just a few cents. If you enjoy online gambling but have never tried online casino give 888 casino a try.