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Live casino gambling at land based casinos is not the same as at online casinos

By mr-gambling on 2016-12-18 14:29:01

Anybody who has ever played at a live casino, and by that it is meant a land based casino, will realise that a part of the enjoyment of this form of gambling is seeing other people get excited about winning or losing and also in some places wondering where on earth people get the money to be able to gamble with such high stakes. Going gambling to a live casino is a night out for some especially if there is a group of people together and it is generally quite easy to get something to drink and eat but unfortunately in Ireland there is no such place so if you want live casino action you need to find it at one of the many online casinos that are available. Live casino gambling at an online casino is not the same as at a land based casino but each has their advantages and disadvantages depending on what sort of casino player you are. Online gambling at online casinos is a rather lonely affair so if you are one of those who enjoy the camaraderie of chatting with other players or enjoy the excitement surrounding the craps table then you may enjoy live casino at an online casino less. There are however many Irish casino players who enjoy gambling alone and even if they were in a land based casino they would still not be talking to anybody even though they may still take pleasure in watching somebody else. For these people the live casino option at online casinos is more likely to be enjoyable. There is generally the ability to chat to the dealer anyway if you feel the urge to communicate.

One of the big advantages that live casino gambling at online casinos has is that there is a huge range of other casino games at your fingertips. Land based casinos for example generally have a very limited range of casino slots available whereas if you are gambling at an online casino you can always leave the live casino option for a while and return to the regular online casino to play slots or any other game. The major drawback with live casino at online casinos is that there are limited casino games which always include roulette and blackjack but after that will probably be only Baccarat or Punto Banco as it is sometimes called and possibly Casino Hold’em which is similar to Caribbean Stud. Ladbrokes Casino also offers HI-Lo which is an unusual casino game for live casino. Having said that, land based casinos do not have a huge range of casino gambling games either although they might include craps. Live casino gambling at online casinos is not generally carried out at an actual casino as filming on the casino floor would not be popular amongst the rest of the gamblers so instead the online casinos set up special rooms which are equipped with the necessary tables which can basically be anywhere although Eastern European countries seem to be the place of choice. As the cameras usually have a limited range you will probably only see the table you are playing at and the dealer anyway. On e exception that knows about can be found at All Irish Casino where the lie casino option is streamed from an actual casino in Malta although even there it is from a separate room although attached to the actual casino itself.

Different online casinos arrange their live casino options differently with some organising by table stakes while others prefer to name the dealer in case you have a favourite. Live casinos at online casinos are generally open 24 hours a day although some may close for a few hours in the early morning. The remarkable thing about live casino is the stakes which are available to play so if you are what is known as a high roller then live casino gambling is where you need to be. For example at All Irish Casino you can play roulette for stakes of up to €75000 or Blackjack for up to €5000 in a single hand and they are not unique in offering this range of stakes. Most online casinos offer a bonus for new players at the live casino tables even though you might already play at the regular online casino or indeed be a regular at the sports gambling site if they have one but despite this live casino remains very much a minority form of entertainment as most casino gamblers prefer the regular online casino. It is not known why this should be the case but it is. The live casino option is not a new thing but it was introduced some time after the introduction of online casinos and it was thought that this is what people wanted but that would appear not to be the case. Considering that dealers need to be paid thee must be a minimum participation for them to succeed so it would be no surprise to to find them disappearing over the next few years.

All forms of online gambling are on the increase which is not surprising given the ease and convenience of not needing to go out which is borne out by the fact that there are many players who dip in and out of their online casino even several times a day. A spare few minutes is all it takes to win very large amounts of cash and now that online casinos are available on all sorts of devices it makes it even easier. The range of casino games and the variations will no doubt continue to expand but not in the area of live casino where it can only ever be casino games that require a dealer or  croupier and anyway your chances of winning are no  greater or smaller whether you have a dealer or not. Some will always prefer an actual dealer and others will remain anonymous to the outside world but for the time being at least you have the choice.