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By mr-gambling on 2016-08-04 15:40:49

Gambling at an online casino provides a much larger choice of casino games and casino slots than you will ever find at a land based casino or in any of the Irish casinos or card clubs and the reason is that the casino software in use is very sophisticated. Many years ago an online casino was dependent upon those people that it employed to create the software to run the online casino but as casino games have increased in number the casino software business has become very specialised to such an extent that no online casinos write their own casino software anymore preferring instead to buy or lease from a specialist company. One area of casino gambling in particular differentiates one casino software supplier from another and that is the area of casino slots where good software can make all the difference to your enjoyment. For blackjack and roulette gambling the casino software is reasonably simple and as long as it does the job there is very little variation possible but when it comes to casino slots gambling there are many permutations of free spins, bonus rounds, jackpots etc to say nothing of what sort of symbols can be found on the reels. There are even casino slots that have no reels but instead have fifteen or so independent symbols. The big players in the casino software market are names such as Microgaming, Playtech and NetEnt but there are others that are used in a number of online casinos. particularly likes the casino gambling software provided by NetEnt (Net Entertainment is the full name) which can be found at the online casino All Irish Casino amongst others. This rather unique casino software provides some different games such as Gonzo’s Quest where instead of the regular rotating reels there are fifteen stone blocks in a sort of Aztec setting with each block being independent of the others. Winning blocks in this casino slot explode with any stones above them dropping down to fill the space and new blocks eventually taking space at the top. If this new configuration results in another win then that win is doubled and the process is repeated. This can go on for any numbers of rounds but the maximum multiplier on wins is 5. It is amazing how quickly winnings mount up when multiplied by 3 or 5. All this is happening on the original stake. Another good feature of NetEnt casino software is the “sticky wins” feature which can be found at the casino slot called Jack Hammer™ or Jack Hammer 2™ at allirishcasino. This casino slots gambling feature automatically holds any winning symbols and once again the symbols are all independent. Having held the winning symbols all the others are spun again and if an increased win results then these are all held as well and a further spin takes place. The process is repeated until no improvement is made on the win whereupon the highest win is paid out. Once again this is all done on the original stake. This sort of feature is what makes the casino software from NetEnt so special and is also why allirishcasino is one of the top online casinos in the list at

Some of the casino slots have become very complicated and for some it is very difficult to follow whether there is a win on the backed lines or not. This will not make any difference to your bank balance as the casno software knows when there is a win but some Irish casino players like to be able to see for themselves. For those there is simpler casino software and casino games available from Amatic Industries which is available at Free Spins Casino for example. Casino slots using this software often use the simple fruit symbols which we are used to and it is very easy to see wins appear at slots such as Bells On Fire™. Allways Fruit is another such casino slot with simple and easy to follow wins. Smaller casino software suppliers do not necessarily have inferior casino slots and in fact there is a good chance that you might prefer some of the slots offered by those smaller casino software suppliers such as ELK Studios which provide some of the slots at Others at the same online casino are provided by NextGen Gaming™ which operate under the name of NYX and they provide casino slots such as Monster Wins™ where not only are the symbols monsters but monster wins are indeed possible especially with free spins in action. There are of course others such as SG Interactive which you cannot find everywhere but again is available at Casinoland. One of the casino gambling slots from there is one of the simplest of all using only three reels of three symbols on each reel. This is the same as the very original one arm bandits of many years ago and is very easy to follow. The choice there is to have 5 winning lines which would have been the original or you can have a single stake for five spins and all 27 winning lines. This is called Big Bet Spins but the bet is not really that large but it is another interesting feature brought to you by one of the lesser known casino software suppliers. Casino software is big business in the casino gambling world and online gambling at an online casino has come on leaps and bounds since more and more players are entering the market and challenging the large established suppliers. You may need to find the smaller online casinos such as those motioned here to find games from these casino software suppliers but as long as those online casinos are correctly registered and licensed in an approved territory there should be nothing to fear. will only make recommendations about online casinos where they are known to be correctly licensed so if in doubt simple select from the list at that site.