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Casino software for online casinos is big business

By mr-gambling on 2016-07-11 10:50:28

The Irish gambling public love their sports gambling but when there are no sports around such as in the evenings they also love to play at an online casino and try to make some money. Online casinos are indeed a great way to make money but you need a lot of luck and you need to know when to quit so for most people online casinos are more about entertainment than making money and whether you are entertained or not depends largely on which online casino you are using or to be more accurate which casino software you are using. Those who enjoy casino gambling are not able to select which casino software they prefer directly from any screen but as different online casinos use different casino software that is how you can choose. Unfortunately however there are far more online casinos than casino software suppliers which has the inevitable result that some online casinos look very similar to other online casinos. Look for example at Bet365 casino and BetFred casino or at All Irish Casino and No Bonus casino and you will see that they not only look remarkably similar but carry all the same casino games. This is particularly obvious in the casino slots section of the casinos where the slots are identical. Most online casinos choose to work with one casino software supplier but has discovered where to give the casino player more choice they have elected to use multiple casino software suppliers so their range of casino slots is terrific. Casinoland uses large well known casino software suppliers such as Microgaming and NetEnt which provide the progressive jackpot end of the market together with smaller casino software suppliers such as Quickspin. NYX, Play n Go, Thunderkick and others that provide some great and unusual casino slots. Casinoland is fully regulated, licensed and authorised by the Malta Gaming Authority and even holds the newly introduced license required for UK operation. With this number of casino software suppliers in use there is a choice of approaching 240 casino slots so if you cannot find something there to suit you probably never will and maybe casino slots are not your cup of tea. One of the more unusual ones that likes is Birds on a Wire™ which is one of the Thunderkick casino slots where birds sit on high voltage wires but as soon as a winning line is created they are electrocuted and fall off to be replaced by new birds. This rather amusing casino slot also has a multiplier feature where a winning line as well as attracting new birds for no additional cost automatically doubles any win that results. There really are too many casino slots to go into them all but if you are looking for something different you will probably find it at

Some casino gambling people are after the big progressive jackpots that often run into the millions of Euro such as Mega Moolah™ or The Dark Knight™ and these can be found at a variety of online casinos that use the correct casino software for those games. It helps in this case that several online casinos use the same software as it is the casino software supplier that “controls” the jackpots. Each spin that is played on one of the progressive jackpot slots contributes a tiny amount to the jackpot regardless of at which online casino that spin takes place so the more online casinos that use the software and the slot the faster the jackpot builds. You will probably have noticed that you cannot play the progressive jackpot slots in free play mode which is just as well as anyone winning the jackpot in free play would not be too happy.  Also of interest is that when the jackpot eventually falls as they all do it is the casino software supplier that ultimately provides the money. This also explains why an online casino is extremely happy when one of its players wins a huge jackpot when you might expect them to be very unhappy at posing so much money. The jackpot win costs the online casino nothing at all but they can advertise the fact that one of their players has won while playing at their online casino. Free publicity that they hope will create new players. Casino software suppliers are bringing out new games all the time so even if you are a long established player it pays to sometimes look around. The latest slots are often connected to recent blockbuster movies and especially superheroes and this is even more so since some software suppliers were licensed by the likes of Marvel Comics and MGM to use their characters and theme music. Casino gambling at casino slots and the entertainment it provides is a mixture of characters and music although some of the music does tend to get a bit monotonous but the good thing is that you can always turn it off. If you are into your music you can choose a slot that features music from for example Michael Jackson or Guns n Roses and then listen and play at the same time although unfortunately you cannot create a play list. Maybe that is the nest step for casino software suppliers? Other major casino software suppliers that have not yet been mentioned and that you will undoubtedly come across include Playtech and Chartwell. Playtech for example was founded in Estonia back in 1999 and has grown considerably and since 2012 has been listed on the main market of the London Stock Exchange. It now has headquarters on the Isle of Man and employs some 3500 people developing software which gives you some idea of the power behind these casino software companies.  Playtech claims to introduce 50 new games per year and they have a complete range of software which not only includes online casinos but also sports gambling, poker and bingo. Playtech also provides software for gambling on various mobile devices.