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Casino gambling at the live casino option can be fun

By mr-gambling on 2016-07-03 13:54:01

Online gambling is great fun but some people still like the idea of there being a dealer to deal the cards or a croupier to spin the roulette wheel and to have that you used to have to go to a casino but not anymore. Online casinos these days have a section they call live casino and although live casino and online casino in the same sentence sounds a bit strange it can be done. Online casino gambling is normally done using what is known as a random number generator which is what determines the next card or the next number on the roulette wheel and as the name suggests it is designed to be completely random. One of the first random number generators was used in the UK for their Premium Bonds prizes and is known as ERNIE (Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment) and was actually invented by one of the code breakers from the Second World War code breaking centre at Bletchley Park. These days they are in common use in a variety of online gambling. Any good online casino such as those listed at this site will have their random number generator checked by independent experts on a regular basis to make sure they are indeed random but even this is not enough to satisfy some of the more suspicious Irish gambling public. A losing streak is generally the source of this mistrust. Live casino can however be the answer for some doubters although to be brutally honest you cannot be absolutely sure that a roulette table is not rigged or that the dealer is not dealing off the bottom. The point to remember in all casino gambling whether that is at regular online casinos using random number generators, live casino or even a bricks and mortar casinos is that the casino has no need to cheat. The casino always a slight edge in every casino game and will therefore over time always win; not from every player and not every time but in the end they will make money.

Live casino is in fact not usually an actual casino but rather a room which can be anywhere and which has been equipped with card tables and roulette wheels and most importantly cameras. The majority of live casino rooms are to be found in Eastern European countries where presumably the wages of the dealers is less than would be the case here. There are exceptions to this such as at where the live casino option is located at the Portomaso casino in Malta but even this is of course in a private room where there are no actual casino players. Live casino streaming from an actual casino where there are players would not be allowed as it would be infringing on privacy. The dealers are live and what you are seeing on your computer screen is what is happening in that room. Many online casinos give you a choice of dealer and they are generally good looking young ladies or men with whom you can carry out an online chat if you so wish. The drawback with live casino is that the casino games are somewhat limited to the more popular gambling games that need a dealer such as blackjack, baccarat or roulette so you will not find casino games such as Craps. The available games are expanding all the time and for example at Ladbrokes casino they now have Hi-Lo and Casino Hold’em which is their version of Caribbean Stud with the difference being that the qualifying hand for the dealer is a pair of fours or better whereas in Caribbean Stud it is generally an Ace/King or better. Casino slots are also never at the live casino option and as slots are probably the most played of all online casino gambling games many casino players will never go to the live casino option. The games played are exactly the same as those played at online casinos everywhere but the minimum stakes do tend to be a little higher than those available at online casinos. Roulette is particularly popular at the live casino option and the reason could be to do with the way in which the roulette ball moves at a normal online casino. As previously mentioned the random number generator is used to determine the winning number in online casino roulette gambling but the graphics simply show a ball revolving around the wheel. Once the winning number has been decided that ball has to find its way into the right slot on the wheel and this can lead to some rather erratic movements which could be construed as fiddling. At the live casino the ball can also take some unusual jumps and bounces but the movement is mostly smoother and therefore more believable. Live casino is a relatively new feature at online casinos having been introduced several years after online casinos but these days everybody has the option although generally the take up is surprisingly small when compared to the mainstream online casino. The opening hours are generally 24/7 if the live casino is a casino room but at there is the option of playing at the Portomaso Casino which is only open from 10:00 in the morning until 05:00 which are the regular opening hours of the casino. Also interesting at the Portomaso casino is that they play Punto Banco which is simply another name for Baccarat but it is exactly the same game. If you have never tried the live casino option at your chosen online casino it is well worth a go and you may just like it or even prefer it to the regular online casino play. Some online casinos even offer a special bonus for new players to the live casino even though they are already online gambling customers and online casino players so check them all out.